Cryptopunk NFT #7756: The Zombie Exclusive Punk is now Worth $3.2 million

An unknown NFT collector just spent around 1050 ETH on one of the existing 88 zombie punks i.e. CryptoPunk #7756. At the time of the NFT sale, the mysterious buyer paid about $3.2 million to acquire this rare 24 x 24 zombie CryptoPunk NFT. 

Although we don’t exactly know who bought CryptoPunk NFT #7756, The larvalabs data suggests the NFT sold on April 13th and that it went from the account “Cry” to the address “0x362cd3.”

As mentioned earlier, CryptoPunk #7756 belongs to the exclusive “zombie club.” In General, Zombie’s NFT Collections aren’t as scarce as apes or aliens, they only account for 0.88 percent of the 10,000 CryptoPunks NFT collection. NFT collectors are usually willing to pay more for zombie, alien, or ape CryptoPunks, regardless of their other attributes. 

Speaking of attributes, CryptoPunk #7756 has the following three, Do-Rag, Shadow beard, and Horned rim glasses.

Zombie CryptoPunk NFT #7756 by LarvaLabs

Of these three, the do-rag is the rarest at 3 percent of the CryptoPunk collection. The other two attributes both have a scarcity score of about 5 %.

Although this $3.2 million sale seems quite impressive, it is nothing compared to Deepak Thapliyal’s purchase of CryptoPunk #5822 for $23 million. To date, CryptoPunk #5822 is the highest-selling single CryptoPunk NFT. 

CryptoPunk NFTs: Why the High Price Tags?

Although hot new projects like Azuki have made it big into 2022’s NFT headlines, OG collections like CryptoPunks still remain highly desirable. In fact, it’s rare that a CryptoPunks NFT misses in OpenSea’s top 20 rankings for the highest weekly trading volume. 

The primary reason for CryptoPunk NFT’s high price tag is its historical status. Even the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s founder Yuga Labs admits that Larva Labs’ was the inspiration.

Undoubtedly, CryptoPunk NFTs have set the roadmap for all of today’s profile pic NFTs. 

However, there are many reasons why people are willing to pay millions for a CryptoPunk NFTs in 2022. Yuga Labs bought the IP rights to CryptoPunks earlier this year, one of the first things Yuga Labs did after making this transaction was to grant IP rights to CryptoPunks NFT holders. 

Yuga Labs also recently dropped a highly successful ad for its upcoming metaverse “Otherside.” Although there are no specifics details available, the metaverse ad prominently features one CryptoPunk avatar alongside other blue-chip NFTs.

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