Zebedee a Bitcoin Gaming Infrastructure provider to bring in rewards for games

Bitcoin gaming infrastructure provider, Zebedee, has teamed up with London-based mobile gaming studio, Viker, to offer Bitcoin rewards to classic games.

Players of classic games such as Solitaire, Sudoku, as well as Missing Letters, a Wordle-like game, can now acquire Bitcoin while playing the games. No previous knowledge of Bitcoin or crypto wallets is required for players to start gaining rewards.


To view and withdraw the acquired crypto, users can simply enter their Gamertag i.e. a profile username within Zebedee’s ecosystem, and select withdraw for the coins to emerge in the Zebedee app. Players can then revoke the coins or spend them through Zebedee’s virtual economy.

Zebedee’s gaming wallet is built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, a Layer-2 solution that speeds up and lowers the cost of Bitcoin transactions.

Simon Cowell, CEO at ZEBEDEE mentions that there is no better way to present next-generation Play-and-Earn mechanics to a broad gaming audience than to take the games people already know and love and recharge them with Bitcoin, seamlessly and unobtrusively. The CEO also adds that this has already worked with a wide array of games on their platform, but also emphasizes that this new slate of integrations is even more important, as these titles have seen primarily no meaningful innovation in many years.

This is an extension of Zebedee and Viker’s long-term collaboration. Both parties have formerly released three Bitcoin-based play-and-earn games, such as Wheel of Trivia, Wheel of Crypto, and Balls King to provide Bitcoin rewards to the masses.

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Viker’s co-founder Dan Beasly conveys that the gaming studio has 500,000 players acquiring Bitcoins from its games every month. 

Cowell highlights that with over a third of the world’s population identifying as a gamer – whether behind the controller, keyboard, or phone – there is no end in sight to how much farther this innovative partnership has left to offer.

The announcement of this illustrative partnership comes after Zebedee raised $35 million to bring BTC prizes to gaming. The funding round was led by Kingsway Capital and backed by a Japanese video game conglomerate, Square Enix, among others parties.

In May, Zebedee integrated MoonPay’s services to authorize Zebedee users to buy BTC with a credit/debit card, and for gamers who earn Bitcoin from games to trade their crypto for fiat. Presently, the service is only available for US users, with support for more countries and currencies to be added in the future.

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