Yuga labs Refund Gas Fees For Failed Transactions After the Otherside Land Crashed Ethereum

Otherside Metaverse

Yesterday Yuga Labs’ Twitter handle posted a tweet informing its users that the failed transactions during the Yuga Labs Otherside metaverse project sales were returned to different respective user wallets as per the initial transaction.

Today in a series of tweets Yuga Labs explained the steps to follow for finding their refund.

Yuga Kabs Twitter,

Must Read, Otherside Land Sale Crashes Ethereum

Yuga Labs Cautionary Tweet

Users are cautioned while accessing their refunds. In any case, you are not supposed to interact with tokens that you are not expecting in your wallet. Also, users have to be vigilant while connecting to a website claiming to have their refunds.

In addition, users can enquire on either Otherside Discord or via support@otherside.xyz to get their queries addressed regarding Yugalabs Otherside Land Ethereum transactions.

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