Yuga Labs Files a Lawsuit against Artist Ryder Ripps

The Ryder Ripps and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT rivalry continue as Yuga Labs files a beefy lawsuit against him. Ryder Ripps’s recent documentary indicting BAYC of having an underlying racist agenda split the whole NFT Community. Regardless now, the BAYC community is fighting back. Here is everything you need what you need to know about the (RRBAYC) Ryder Rippps Vs Yuga Labs’ BAYC NFT lawsuit.

What exactly is Yuga Labs Suing Ryder Ripps for? 

Yuga Labs filed a lawsuit against Ryder Ripps and Philion for false publicity, trademark infringement, unjust enrichment, and misleading customers. All of this, they say, is part of a scheme to torment Yuga Labs.

In a legal statement, the BAYC lawyers contend that Ryder Ripps’ NFT collection is scamming consumers into buying RR/BAYC NFTs by misusing Yuga Labs’ trademarks. The lawsuit also claims this is an action to debase the original Bored Ape NFT Collection and his Ape Market. NFT Collection is “sowing confusion” about whether RR/BAYC is in any way associated with Yuga Labs. Truly, they even injected a little humor into the situation, saying “this is no monkey business”.

Insights into Ryder Ripps’ RRBAYC NFT collection  

Ryder Ripps initiated a streak campaign against BAYC back in January. Basically, he claimed that the Yuga Labs/Bored Ape founders have serious links to alt-right 4chan meme culture. Then, he also asserts that BAYC itself is racist.

The Youtuber even set up a whole website called gordongoner.com (the name of one of the BAYC founders) to demonstrate the issues he found in the collection. The Jewish conceptual artist argues that many of the BAYC traits are racist, beginning with the simianization of the collection itself. Then, he moves on to attack the BAYC logo, comparing its design to the Nazi Totenkopf emblem. His RR/BAYC NFT collection is evidently a protest of the original collection.

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Yuga Labs Reaction to RRBAYC

Ryder Ripps and Philion projected their attack on Yuga Labs for their allegedly uneasy usernames. Seemingly, the names ‘emperor tomato ketchup’ and ‘Gargamel’ can all be seen as deriving from pedophilic and racist internet memes respectively. In answer to these assertions, Yuga Labs released a thread justifying the thought process behind their names and traits.

Nevertheless, that didn’t satisfy the NFT community after Ryder Ripps chose to stick with his story. Subsequently, Opensea delisted the full Ryder Ripps BAYC (RRBAYC) Collection and Yuga Labs rubbed their lawsuit less than 10 days following.

Will Yuga Labs’ claims Hold up in court?

To be honest, no one is sure about this. However, Ryder Ripps’ BAYC NFTs is undoubtedly a copy of BAYC, that may also be the lawsuit’s descent. In short, RRBAYC NFTs link to the identical IPFS files which are also publicly open. This means they may not gauge as copies, but as hotlinks instead. Likewise, many cases in history decided hotlinking is not a breach of IP rights (according to @justfred and @okshotshot on Twitter). RRBAYC’s only problem may come with varying the metadata, as this could be seen as operating and changing the IP.

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How true are the claims that Bored Ape Yacht Club is Racist? 

Well, in reality, the NFT community is divided. On one hand, there are some debatable traits that holders found absurd. For illustration, take this rising sun trait from the BAKC collection. Yet, it’s very vital to note that Yuga Labs offered all holders the opportunity to change this trait to a Japanese flag, after the backlash they received for the trait. 

BAKC using “rising-sun” Japanese imperial flag as Rarity Trait: @chadloder on Twitter

On the other hand, it’s indisputable that Ryder Ripps unleashed his RRBAYC collection with the entire same traits from the original BAYC collection. If he honestly found the traits racist, why would he choose to do that? Presently, RRBAYC has a total sales volume of 226ETH. That’s a plenty of money made off apparently “racist” NFTs.

Also, some shocking use of the N-word and some dubious memes resurfaced from Ryder Ripps’ past. While that may not indicate anything, Azealia banks also accused him of forcing her into a sex recording and blackmailing her into dropping the video version.

Whichever way the result goes it isn’t good for the NFT Community. Undoubtedly, we need to reconsider NFT and derivative rights. You can check out the complete details regarding the Lawsuit here.

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