Yuga Labs: Bored Ape Yacht Club’s New Project Will Be Revolutionary For The Metaverse in 2022

Yuga Labs is now the most well-known name in NFTs, but a $450 million funding round announced this week suggests that the company may soon surpass it in the metaverse. 

Andreessen Horowitz’s led funding round for Yuga has pushed the company’s worth to $4 billion. Furthermore, the impact Yuga hopes to have on the metaverse’s still-forming reality with all that capital might be just as significant. 

Since NFT fever spread in late 2021 and early 2022, Yuga was the startup that acquired recognition, resulting in celebrity investments from NBA icon Steph Curry and music sensation Justin Bieber. Numerous people, including them, possess Yuga’s Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT trademarks, the least expensive of which is now worth over $300,000. 

Decentralized autonomous organization ApeCoin was just “airdropped” by Yuga Labs as a specific cryptocurrency token, increasing the scale of the already enormous corporation. Although they were officially distinct from Yuga, Bored Ape NFT members received thousands of free ApeCoins and learned they now possessed an asset worth tens of thousands of dollars in real life. On its second day of trade, ApeCoin’s value soared by 90%. 

Yuga intends to enable the Bored Apes to interact in the sequel, which is the obvious next step, And That can only do in the metaverse. 

Yuga Labs, the company behind ApeCoin, unveiled a new platform called Otherside soon after the coin’s introduction. 

“A connected universe” that will be “player-run” and a multiplayer role-playing game are what Wylie Aronow, better known as Gordon Goner, tells the Verge he envisions. 

For the sake of its current members, Yuga is already planning to utilize a potential metaverse platform circulated in crypto groups on Reddit and Twitter, which is likely the work of the business. Together with hundreds of others, they possess Yuga’s trademarked Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, the most affordable of which value is more than $300,000. 

Myth Section creator Ramon Govea, who owns seven Bored Apes, says the possibility of free land has already spurred enthusiasm in the Bored Ape community. 

According to Govea, if you’re associated with a firm that puts infrastructure first, owning virtual real estate might be an excellent way to develop wealth. “As ApeCoin holders, we get the option to define whatever is on the other side.” 

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Yuga Labs Metaverse Initiative

Yuga-Labs-Bored-Ape-Yacht-Club-New Metaverse-Project
Yuga Labs Bored Ape Yacht Club Revolutionary Project

The Yuga Labs’ Otherside metaverse initiative will enter a growing variety of metaverse platforms, including NFTs and cryptocurrencies, becoming more common. 

Web3 metaverses Sandbox and Decentraland have gained in popularity. NFTs, which are held by the players rather than the platforms, may be used to acquire virtual land and in-game items such as avatar outfits. Each also has its coin. 

On the other hand, Yuga Labs is better positioned to build a metaverse platform for its brands. 

Following the acquisition of the Meebits and CryptoPunks collections earlier this month, Yuga Labs now owns four essential NFT collections: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Meebits. Yuga’s metaverse may differ between a massive metropolis or a slumbering wasteland since these NFT groups have a dedicated following. 

Companies like Adidas, Warner Music Group, and Atari partnered with the Sandbox, while giant corporations like JPMorgan Chase and Samsung created virtual zones in Decentraland to entice users. Yuga, it is said, already has a developed metaverse community among these companies. 

But despite this, Decentraland’s creative director Sam Hamilton believes the admission of Yuga Lab into the metaverse poses no danger to his firm.  

According to Hamilton, “We have partnered in the past, and I adore their staff; they’re charming folks.” There is no rivalry among the Metaverses since we are all working together to construct a better internet, and bringing BAYC on board can only benefit everyone.” 

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