Yubo The Gen Z-Favored Live Streaming App Expands into NFTs 


Yubo is a social live-streaming service that reimagines what it means to interact online for Gen Z. It is subdivided into NFTs. Following the success of Pixels, the platform’s first in-app digital collectibles released in July 2021, the platform will unveil its first NFT collection, called “Randos.” 

Yubo Introduces the NFT Collection named Randos 

Yubo will be the sole social network capable of delivering actual ownership to its Gen Z members if it reaches 60 million users. On the Ethereum blockchain, the first NFT collection will have 10,000 creative art pieces. 

The mission is to co-create a community with Rando NFT holders and construct a mutually beneficial economy. Rando NFT holders will likewise be able to earn money by engaging in the same activities as Yubo users. Additionally, by releasing a cryptocurrency token, the video streaming app intends to enhance its “socialize and earn” economy in 2023. 

The Future Hold for Rando NFT Holders 

Holders of Rando NFTs will have access to new opportunities on Yubo. Yubo will first provide income and other advantages generated by ticketed live events to special guests, Pixel collections, and other sources. In exchange for being early contributors, Rando holders will get an airdrop of the company’s forthcoming cryptocurrency. 

Additionally, Yubo will construct a 3D world for the app, complete with avatars. Each Rando owner will get a three-dimensional avatar representation of their NFT. 

Holders of Rando will be able to show their NFT on any system that offers the same technology, incorporating additional platforms. This feature authorizes Rando users to post profile images and even link their bitcoin wallets. 

Yubo’s minting site will sell the Randos NFT collection. You may join their Discord group to be informed about the drop. 

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