Yellowheart Protocol Joins Bittrex’s IEO Platform 

It is with great pleasure that Bittrex announces the addition of YellowHeart Protocol to Bittrex Global’s ever-growing team.

Bittrex Announcement

According to the Twitter Announcement, Bittrex has included YellowHeart in its IEO. On May 10th, 2022, at 13:00 UTC, the YellowHeart Protocol token offering will begin on Starting Block.

Are you familiar with YellowHeart Protocol?


Yellowheart, new ticketing, and music NFT platform is gaining traction. The startup intends to use the potential of blockchain technology to reshape the economy, and it has ambitious ambitions to do so. When it comes to reselling tickets, they’re reshaping every aspect of the ticketing industry.

These goals can be achieved with the YellowHeart protocol thanks to Web 3.0 technologies and NFTs. Additionally, the HRTS utility token enables them to provide various functions to their supporters.

Fans and artists can form a community by interacting with one another. A portion of every sale is automatically split between the artist and the venue, thanks to NFT technology. In addition, YellowHeart isn’t merely a music-oriented site. Anyone who has a following and wants to communicate with them more personally may benefit from this strong Platform.

Among other things, this Platform includes a wide range of individuals and organizations. They also have a mobile application to make things even simpler.

As the CEO of YellowHeart, Josh Katz, stated: “It is already the main Platform for artists to engage in the NFT revolution. ” Along with well-known artists like Maroon 5, The Beatles, and XXXTentacion, there is a rising group of independent producers and musicians. Anyone can now join this club thanks to the introduction of the HRTS token.

Many well-known companies have joined the YellowHeart platform. Starting Block, a Bittrex IEO platform, has opened up a world of possibilities for those who have joined. The first project to appear on the Starting Block is YellowHeart. By making this move, Bittrex demonstrates its high regard for the new Platform.

Good Tokonomics, thorough valuation, sensible supply, product plan, team expertise, brand and partner successes were all factors in HRTS’ selection as the first project to launch on Bittrex Global’s Starting Block.

Bittrex created Starting Block to assist strong projects in maximizing the benefits of their industry-leading security and regulatory Platform. Bittrex Global is among the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and it offers major advantages to new companies in accordance with international regulations.

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