X2Y2 NFT Marketplace Removes and Replaces Ryder Ripps’ NFT Collection 

The NFT marketplace X2Y2 has been involved in the aftermath of the Ryder Ripps vs. Yuga Lab conflict. Essentially, X2Y2 delisted and then relisted the Ryder Ripps BAYC collection as a result of the lawsuit filed by Yuga Labs. 

What happened to Ryder Ripps NFT on X2Y2? 


X2Y2 tweeted a few days ago that it has removed six NFT collections from its store. Obviously, the six collections used Yuga Labs’ original NFTs and belonged to Ryder Ripps. Since their introduction by Ripps, these “RR/” collections have been contentious. The artist, who often employs shocking content, has indicated that these collections serve “educational goals, as protest and sarcastic criticism.” 

The conflict between Ripps and Yuga Labs, which has lasted for months, has reached its boiling point in the last week. This is due to a recent YouTube video that rehashed several of Ripps’ previous charges against the founders of Yuga Labs. Yuga Labs said only days after the YouTube video went live that it had launched a lawsuit against “all culpable parties,” including Ryder Ripps. 

Must Read, Ryder Ripps NFT Collection spooks controversy

The day after Yuga Labs launched the complaint, X2Y2 tweeted that the Ryder Ripps collections had been removed. Specifically, the NFT marketplace reported that “server providers are now threatening to shut down the #X2Y2 website.” Commentators questioned what such a move would signify for the principles of decentralization. Typically, these criticisms are leveled whenever an NFT market decides to delist a collection. 

However, only hours later, X2Y2 was able to negotiate an arrangement with Ripps. In fact, RR/BAYC was relisted by X2Y2 as RR/REDACTED. Additionally, the BAYC emblem is absent from the collection’s website. 

We have likely not heard the last word on this controversy. Nevertheless, given the grounds cited by NFT Marketplace for the delisting, Ryder Ripps may have an uphill struggle. Clearly, the lawsuit filed by Yuga Labs is serious if server providers are taking such measures. 

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