WWE gets in the ring with its new NFT collection

On May 27, the WWE collaborated with Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL) to create its own NFT marketplace after NBA Top Shot and UFC Strike. The first collection of NFTs was available on June 3.

More than 10,000 limited-edition “NFT Flip” pieces are expected to be available for purchase so that interested parties will have plenty of options. These items will be sold in three packs for $30 each, either in regular cash or cryptocurrency.

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For the benefit of die-hards

This drop, which takes its name from one of wrestling’s most spectacular feats, aims to captivate followers of the sport-entertainment mix in the same way.

The annual WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view will be shown in each NFT Flip on Sunday night. A 10-20 second video highlight of the featured Superstar will be shown after the event on each NFT Flip. Fans have no idea whether or not their NFT Flip will appear, given the event’s 25-year history. One of the most memorable moments in WWE history was when The Undertaker hurled Mankind from the Hell in a Cell, sending him plunging 16 feet through an announcer’s table.

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With many drops planned for future pay-per-views, it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning for the WWE. Within a few hours of the promotion’s debut, the WWE and BCL offered a free Moonsault Genesis NFT to the first 10,000 wallets created on the marketplace.


Since there are at least four more to come, fans won’t have to battle with FOMO after this first release.

WWE’s intentions for the NFT market are interesting for their release structure, perhaps the most important lesson. To avoid overwhelming the NFT market and degrading the value of their collections, NBA Top Shot holders have opted to sync drops with pay-per-view events.

When you’re looking at these collections as an investment, first and foremost, fandom can only go so far.

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