World of Women reveals Wowverse with NFT Drop

As the cryptocurrency market struggles, the NFT series continue to innovate. A recent example is from the World of Women team, which lately airdropped “capacitors” to holders of the World of Women NFT core series and the World of Women Galaxy series. Below is everything to know about the Airdrop.

World of Women NTF Wowverse

Blue capacitors went to WoW NFT holders and “green” to WoWG holders. The capacitors are virtual houses made in collaboration with OnCyber. The airdrop came after a long period of mysterious indications from the WoW team The Lore-building is part of a storyline that includes a villain and various activation.

The WoW team notes that the project’s airdrop of capacitors helps fulfill a long-term goal of connecting holders beyond simple NFTs with profile pictures. As the WoW NFTs are important, they are only one component of the digital identity they can hold, a goal that the WoW team is pushing towards.

WoW CEO Shannon Snow, remarked that the airdrop is the next iteration of the WoWverse, which allows owners to make their digital identity in new and creative ways. The keywords in this experience are the “building of” and “empowerment” of digital identities.

This is not the team’s initial attempt to transition over from the first NFT series’ and enter the metaverse. A few months ago, it joined forces with The Sandbox to release the WoW Foundation, which plans to lure more women into the Web3. As part of this collaboration, The Sandbox had an agreement to create voxel characters of all 10,000 original World of Women NFTs for the holders.

Not just World of Women, various NFT teams continue to make NFTs during bear market

The cryptocurrency market is literally in crisis over the past few months. Still, NFT teams have persisted to push for new methods to empower their significant holders. Below a couple of instances that prove that.

Yuga Labs, the company behind the BAYC and Mutant Ape Yacht Club series’ has been active throughout 2022. A few months back, it bought the CryptoPunks and Meebits series’ from Larva Labs. Subsequently, it released its metaverse named The Otherside. That NFT drop caused the raising of $300 million and an extreme gas war for the NFTs.

Second instance is Moonbirds, a well-known NFT collection. Kevin Rose, the man behind them, chose to license all the artwork in the Moonbirds collection under a Creative Commons license effectively placing it under the public domain. As there was an objection to the move, Rose stated it was in line with Web3’s ethos.

As the teams noted above, the World of Women administration is creating and bringing excitement to its NFT holders as well. The airdrop is major news, and the information building could reveal more surprises.

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