Wimbledon to Honors 100 year with NFT Collection 

Wimbledon is introducing NFTs to celebrate 100 years of tennis history and brilliance


To mark its 100th anniversary, the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC), which relocated to Church Road in 1922, will issue an NFT collection dubbed The Centenary Collection. The following is known about the NFT set: 

  • There will be ten digital collectibles, each with an edition size of 100. 
  • Due to the huge demand, AELTC will employ a ballot access method to choose who would purchase products.  
  • The price per NFT will be £500. 

Each of the ten digital collectibles will span a decade of the century. The fight between French and British tennis players in the 1920s and the introduction of color television at Wimbledon in the 1970s are among the event explored. 

Glorious Digital, a New Zealand-based creative company that manages an NFT marketplace, will manage the drop. Glorious Digital utilizes the Ethereum sidechain CENNZ, which is ecologically friendly. 

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Director of Communications and Marketing at AELTC Alexandra Willis described the use of NFTs to commemorate 100 years of Wimbledon’s history as “a nice contrast.” Even Though the Centenary Collection will pay respect to the past, it serves as a reminder that how fans engage with the sport is always evolving. 

Tim Harper, CEO of Glorious Digital, said his business is “proud” to collaborate with AELTC to “immortalize” Wimbledon on the blockchain. The company’s employees know that Wimbledon is a “sacred ground” in tennis and that the tournament’s fans are ardent. 

The collectibles purchased from The Centenary Collection will not be delivered until July 10th. 

Sports and NFTs Go Well Together 

According to Willis of the AELTC, how fans connect with sports is changing. Never before has the desire for sports NFTs been more evident. Few sectors have embraced this new technology better than athletics.

One is a member of the tennis community. The Australian Open was the first major tennis event to trial using NFTs in January 2022. Its hyperrealistic tennis ball NPCs were affixed to court layouts. When a winning shot fell on a plot, the NFT was updated with statistics – innovative use of blockchain information. 

Manchester City intends to construct a copy of their stadium in the metaverse, according to the second soccer-related tale. The stadium will feature Sony’s Hawk-Eye technology, primarily used in tennis, to provide spectators with a unique viewing experience. 

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