Will Ethereum’s Layer-2 chains be able to continue after The Merge?

Ethereum’s The Merge

The crypto industry asserts that Ethereum will still need layer-2 chains after The Merge, however, the situation is ambiguous.

“Ultimately alleviate some of the gas cost concerns” is one of Ethereum’s stated goals when it switched to proof-of-stake in 2018.

Layer-2 and sidechain solutions are two of the most common ways to reduce gas costs. With over 3 million daily transactions and hundreds of millions of addresses, chains like Polygon are standard.

Optimism, Boba, Arbitrum One, and Polygon are all layer-2 solutions that might potentially survive The Merge. Web3 founders shared their thoughts on the most critical moment in crypto history.

The Ethereum network is called Layer-1, while layer-2 networks run on top of it. A variety of protocols are available at the layer-2 level. As a result of the autonomous processing of layer-2 transactions, Ethereum’s blockchain can record transactions more quickly and reduce gas costs.

Layer-2s will be less necessary if Ethereum’s switch to proof-of-stake successfully reduces gas prices and transaction volume. The network’s security might be strengthened if we switch to a proof-of-stake model. Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, argues that proof-of-stake is the best way to verify transactions:

“They have a higher capacity to handle and recover from strikes.”

Scaling options after the merger happens

For layer-2s, the increased productivity of Ethereum may be of help. This is what Boba Network’s CEO/Founder Alan Chiu had to say about the company’s Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup scaling solution.

To preserve their existing advantages, as Ethereum L1 grows more efficient, “L2’s will just become that much more efficient right alongside”

According to Harold Hyatt, Trusttoken’s Product Manager of DAO & DeFi:

If Ethereum flakes in the future, L2 scaling solutions will also be able to scale alongside Ethereum. Put another way: “If Optimism is 100 times quicker than L1, Ethereum will be ten times that speed after sharding.”

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