View Niagara Falls in VR City Metaverse

A virtual island in the metaverse housing all the world’s most visited landmarks could soon be greeting visitors for as little as €2. “VR City” as it is called would be homed in the metaverse and bring together junctures, including Niagara Falls and the Great Wall of China.

Virtual tourism

The concept of “cyber tourism” is the latest forte being brought into the metaverse as its scope extends.

Virtual reality (VR) is already used by holiday destinations to lure customers. It is expected that by removing the standard costs of travel and entry fees, the wonders of the world can be made available to the viewing crowd in the metaverse at a fraction of the price.

Kamran Choudhary, metaverse expert at digital assets trading service BCB mentions that the aim here is to overcome traditional barriers to interaction such as time and space. He adds further that doing so will allow the public to experience alternative travel experiences and services that may have been inaccessible through traditional means.

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Is virtual reality experience the future of tourism?

Big travel players like Qatar Airways, Delta Air Lines, and Hilton Worldwide Holdings have all tapped into VR tourism. On the other hand, experience-oriented resorts like Disneyland provide VR attractions for many families.

Further, VR trips have also been useful in improving business. Safaris in Kenya, snorkeling in the Maldives, and trips down the Baltic coast of Germany presented customer-hungry and pandemic-hit travel industry members.

Could going to a metaverse location be the next stage?

Development of such locations definitely offers up the chance for big profits, (Theoretically).

Choudhary expresses that the VR City embodies a key yet underappreciated aspect of the Metaverse i.e. it’s ripe for building.

Further, he adds that building sooner rather than later could prove to be a smart economic choice for many, and that building in the metaverse now, while costs are low, is a smart move for the future.

Speaking about the experience Choudhary said that this cyber tourist destination could be bought by others who see its potential and that the land may then be repurposed for business activities within VR City with the hopes of turning it into a revenue-generating asset.

It is estimated by analysts at BCB that if the VR City were made, it would be worth nearly €3.5 trillion based on the exchange rate with the well-known blockchain ETH.

Will tourists utilize the metaverse?

Earlier this year, Cannes already attempted selling landmarks for virtual reality.

The coastal city on the French Riviera auctioned off appealing destinations like the Croisette and the Palais des Festivals as NFTs in June, which shoppers would be able to set up as shops or entertainment platforms in the metaverse.

The returns on the virtual city could be massive, with 70 million visitors a year projected by BCB based on existing visitor numbers to authentic landmarks.

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