VEVe Announces Patrick Hughes’ REVERSPECTIVE NFT Collection Launch

On April 30th, Patrick Hughes, an artist known for his ‘reverspective’ artworks, will release his first NFTs!!


Hughes’ distinctive creative style will be evident in the digital collectibles. The renowned artist collaborated with VeVe, a central NFT platform, to produce the release.

Patrick Hughes’ artworks will be available as NFTs starting on April 30th. Two of the artist’s classic paintings, known for their optical illusions, will be offered in conjunction with VeVe.

The VeVe mobile app will allow collectors to mint their favorite collectibles. On April 30th at 8 a.m. PT, the price per NFT will be $200.

Patrick Hughes Series 1 will be made up of the following pieces:

‘Create Expectations’: The structures represented in the picture seem to be twisting from one end to the other. The reverspective effect also creates the appearance of infinity. This oil painting was completed in 2018.

Contemplating Venice: The windows of the buildings in this picture are pointed toward the horizon. The scenery seems to be shifting when the observer moves their viewpoint. In the year 2020, Hughes made the original artwork for this piece.

Both pieces are unquestionably a fine illustration of Hughes’ mastery of evoking a sense of remembrance. Because of this, both NFTs are categorized as Ultra-Rare.

A one-of-a-kind deal with VeVe

The VeVe NFT platform has been assisting content producers since 2018 as the biggest mobile-focused NFT platform in the world. We are proud to announce that Patrick Hughes’ work will be available to Web3 viewers soon.

VeVe Co-founder David Yu thinks Patrick Hughes is one of the most influential artists of our age. Further, David Yu adds that to illustrate his well-known optical illusions as digital artworks in their virtual showrooms, they hope that their committed community of collectors will enjoy doing so.

Currently, VeVe is working to reinvent Web3 content generation in an environmentally reliable and cost-effective way. As a case study, the platform is dedicated to providing carbon-neutral NFTs. For a 99.9 percent decrease in environmental effect, the organization is now employing Ethereum Layer 2’s Immutable X protocol.

Consequently, art lovers may securely mint and appreciate Patrick Hughes’ most famous pieces of art as NFTs. Prepare your digital wallet for the April 30th drop, as just two pieces will be available!

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