VeeFriends and Johnnie Walker Launch a Major Partnership

Veefriends and Johnnie Partnership


Yesterday, Johnnie Walker and its parent company, Diageo, announced a significant relationship with the VeeFriends NFT line.

The “Gift Goat” token holders will get a premium gifting experience from Johnnie Walker as part of the cooperation. There will also be an activity at the next VeeCon superconference hosted by Johnnie Walker himself.

Johnnie Walker’s collaboration with VeeFriends was secured by VaynerNFT, Gary Vee’s creative and media agency’s NFT branch.

Significantly, DIAGEO is researching several possibilities as a broader Web3 initiative. Thus, DIAGEO focuses on Web3 to broaden the range of unique spirits and experiences that its consumers may take advantage of throughout the world.

According to DIAGEO North America’s Senior Vice President of Whiskies, Sophie Kelly:

‘Web3’ enables DIAGEO to reach new groups and clients where they are cultural. It’s also an excellent opportunity to bring some of the rarest and most collectible spirits in our inventory to a new audience.”

ACCORDING TO KELLY, for DIAGEO in Web3, this is only the beginning

With Web 3 in mind, we’ll be releasing the most sought-after and luxury spirits we have to offer,” he says. “Await further notice.”

The VeeFriends creator’s partnership with Johnnie Walker signifies a significant milestone.

In many ways, Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee, developer of VeeFriends, is experiencing a life-changing event with his association with Johnnie Walker. Wine Library TV was Gary Vee’s first foray into social media vlogging. In 2006, while working as Wine Library’s Director of Operations, he launched the YouTube series.

In a statement, Vaynerchuk referred to the scenario as “poetic.” People who know me well know that I was raised in the booze business. When Gary, 22, learned that his NFT/IP project would be working with the legendary Johnnie Walker Blue Bottle, he almost fell out of his chair. “

As a final note, he expressed his delight “for those who hold the NFT and for Johnnie Walker, the brand, to be entering deliberately and intelligently into the Web 3 sector.”

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