USAF Files Metaverse Trademark for Spaceverse

As per media reports, The US Air Force i.e. USAF filed a trademark on 14 April with the US Patent and Trademark Office couple of weeks ago.

USPTO Trademark Attorney Confirms USAF Trademark Filing


A tweet from Mike Kondoudis, the USPTO Trademark Attorney,  highlights the details of the USAF’s aspiration to patent a SPACEVERSE for training personnel and staff in extended reality (XR).

Here’s the tweet,

The major development comes after a huge push for XR solutions for the military branch. This will allow the US Department of Defense (US DoD) to streamline operations, boost operational effectiveness, and also reduce training costs, among other benefits.

The USAF is currently testing its ongoing Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) headset for the US Army. It is namely to correct several performance-related concerns linked to the Microsoft HoloLens 2-based solution’s combat readiness ahead of its scheduled release date later this year.

Defence simulation and training firm SimiGon declared in October last year that it had made a deal to deliver the United States Marine Corps (USMC) with virtual reality (VR) training simulators.

At the time, SimiGon emphasized that the solution aimed to track performance analytics for air candidates and automate reports for the recruiting command.

InVeris Training Solutions (IVTS) also purchased  VR training firm Survivr. The company designs training solutions for both military and law enforcement staff.

XR enterprises such as BISim, King Crow Studios, Taqtile, and others have joined the US Army, Air Force, and other divisions. They plan to train the next generation of soldiers with fascinating solutions.

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