Upcoming NFT Launch Pass Will Take You To Space

Upcoming NFT Launch Pass

Just when you assumed NFTs were dead, Uplift Aerospace’s upcoming NFT collection gives you a somewhat realistic chance of going into space. Which seems nice work if you can obtain it.

The Aerospace company Uplift will drop the digital assets on May 10th for minting. Minters will get a chance to travel through New Shepard i.e. Blue Origin’s rocket. This iconic rocket is suborbital.


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Details of Upcoming NFT Launch Pass & its Benefits

NFT Launch Pass is a pack of 10,921 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. As a holder, you can present an application to travel to space through Blue Origin. A team of Uplift Aerospace experts will analyze each application.

So, Once you hold this upcoming space NFT, you can apply for a job to fly to space. Applicants will be processed and picked up by the Uplift Aerospace team. Only people carrying the Launch Pass NFT can apply for this Space journey. The applicant will be chosen at 11:59 pm EDT on May 22.

Even if the holders of this upcoming NFT don’t get chosen, they will have the option to convert their Launch Pass to a Space+ NFT avatar character named Starborn.

The Starborn profile pictures (PFPs), created for Space+’s upcoming metaverse, visually depict the future of humanity in space.

Space+ states that the objective of using web3 technologies in the space domain is to create connections between Earth and Space. The Starborn collection will deliver access to real-life experiences. This contains suborbital and Zero-G flights and also, rocket launch events, professional networks, and payload space for displaying items on the International Space Station.

About Uplift Aerospace

Uplift Aerospace is an aerospace company pioneering cutting-edge technologies for a multi-planetary economy. In addition, it aims to revolutionize humanity’s connection with space and promote the preservation of Earth. Their products symbolize humanity’s boundless capability and obligation to exploration. The company is operating toward manufacturing and delivering products from space to ensure an endurable future on Earth.

The new Upcoming NFT Project Space+ is in collaboration with top companies like NASA, Orbital REEF, Blue ORIGIN, and SIERRA Space.

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