Unity & Capgemini team up for Metaverse Consultation

On Wednesday, Unity Technologies formed a strategic partnership with Capgemini to provide consultations to firms seeking metaverse solutions.

According to the agreement, both companies will unite on “sector-specific solutions” in the multi-year partnership. Capgemini will also provide its Metaverse Lab featuring senior technology experts from its Group Executive Committee.

In addition, the Lab will work to create future human-machine interfaces (HMIs), digital twins, blockchains, metaverse work platforms, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

The San Francisco-based real-time 3D (RT3D) engine maker for immersive technologies also seeks to boost the French multinational consultancy to empower firms with customers. It also plans on sharing employee experience strategies while driving growth for the immersive tech platform.

Capgemini added it would share its deep experience in market trends and insights to let Unity build on its product roadmaps for emerging technologies such as extended reality (XR), Metaverse, blockchain, Web3, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), 5G, and 6G, artificial intelligence (AI) and so on.

Unity-Capgemini Metaverse Partnership Focus Areas


The companies explained that the partnership will help outline approaches, and methodologies and conduct research and development (R&D) for Capgemini’s Metaverse Lab to devise future Metaverse and Web3 technologies.

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They will also provide support for business and solution development, and sales initiatives with experts and knowledge from both Capgemini and Unity for assisting other companies. Also, rally Unity-certified talent with recruitment and upskilling endeavors across sectors.

Lastly, the deal strives to promote sectors such as manufacturing, life sciences, media and technology, public services, utilities, retail, and much more.

Pascal Brier, Chief Innovation Officer for Capgemini, conveyed that Metaverse and immersive experiences unlock a whole universe of possibilities for clients across industries. He also states that expert technical and operational capabilities will be needed to enable more emotional connections with consumers, reinvent employee experience and collaboration, and optimize engineering, manufacturing, and operations using digital twins Shaping sector-specific use cases.

His final remarks cite that Capgemini is “thrilled” to work with Unity to foster a business value for clients.

Reflecting on Brier’s statements, Marc Whitten, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Unity Create Solutions, mentions that the partnership would accelerate the adoption of real-time 3D technologies for numerous industries.

Further, he remarks that Unity’s real-time 3D solutions will bring many fresh companies into the next generation of the internet, or metaverse, as they achieve greater engagement with their customers.

The news comes after several key consultancies have started forming groups to increase momentum in the XR industry and develop emerging tech solutions.

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