UNICEF and Refik Anadol Auctioned off AI data Sculpture as an NFT

It has been indicated that Turkish-American artist, Refik Anadol and UNICEF auctioned off an artificial intelligence (A.I.) data sculpture as an NFT. The NFT is anointed “Sense of Healing”.

Anadol says that the piece visualizes therapeutic processes in mental health patients through interpreted datasets of brain activities collected with EEG sensors, fMRI, and DTI imaging techniques.

Refik Anadol x UNICEF

This Turkish artist and UNICEF by teaming up with each other managed to make one of the biggest artificial intelligence sculptures in the world called “Sense of Healing”.

The A.I. sculpture was auctioned off at the 4th annual UNICEF Summer Gala in Capri, Italy on July 30. All the earnings from the release were allocated to UNICEF. As per the update from the artist himself, the sculpture was auctioned off for 1.700.000 Euro and was donated to UNICEF.

The evening involved a gala dinner and live auction under the stars, all raising income for the immense charity of UNICEF, and their programs to help kids in need. The previous year’s event featured headliners of Austin Bulter, Adrien Brody, Adriana Lima, Alexander Gilkes, Alicia Silverstone, Andrea Panconesi, Caroline Scheufele, and others.


UNICEF’s only other movement in the NFT space was reporting a series of NFTs. This was done to assist in raising money for internet access for school children in needy areas. This initiative occurred in December of last year.

The series, at the time, celebrated its 75th anniversary through its first forays into the blockchain space.

Though this is their only NFT work until now, the charity initiated working in the crypto industry way back in 2019. This was accomplished via the release of CryptoFund, which allows the charity to get, hold, and share crypto.

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About Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol is a Turkish-American media artist and designer. His projects include data-driven machine learning algorithms which form abstract and dream-like environments. Presently, Refik Anadol resides and works in LA, California.

Some of Anadol’s works include “Interconnected,” which is a 2,147-square-feet animated art display at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, works onto the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the “Virtual Depictions” project in San Francisco.

In recent times, his work has focused more on the NFT industry. Last year, he sold eight NFTs named ‘Machine hallucinations’ for $5M at a Hong Kong event organized by Sotheby. In fact, it set the record for the most costly NFT sold in Asia by a single artist.

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