Ukraine’s Boxing Champion Usyk looks to help raise funds with an NFT Collection

A new NFT collection is looking to contribute to a charitable foundation helping Ukrainians following Russia’s invasion.

Blockasset says the NFT release has been organized in partnership with world heavyweight boxing champion Alexander Usyk. The boxing champion is from Ukraine.

Alexander Usyk

The NFT sale comes before Usyk’s world title defense against Anthony Joshua on August 20.

In the collection, there are 2,000 one-of-one NFTs of unique artwork. These NFT tokens feature unconventional designs by the world-renowned artist Dosbrak. The artist highlights some of the key moments from the boxer’s undefeated professional career.

When the invasion from Russia began, Usyk had joined Kyiv’s territorial defense battalion but was later given clearance to leave the country so he could train for his fight against Joshua.

The Olympic gold medalist also hopes that this fight will help grow funds for Ukraine.

Speaking about the new collection, Usyk expressed that he appreciates the opportunity to link up with Blockasset, who he regards as the heavyweight champions of sports NFTs. The boxer adds that he is a big fan of Dosbrak’s art, and it has been a pleasure to collaborate on the initiative, which he is sure will raise a considerable fund for their foundation.

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Crypto and NFTs helping Ukraine

The crypto and NFT community has played a substantial role in extending funds for Ukraine. Recently, Finland sold off 1,800 BTC captured from drug-related crimes to give $47 million to Kyiv.

The war now is in its sixth month, there is no end in sight, with Ukraine suggesting to people around the world not to forget about what’s occurring there.

Blockasset’s CEO, Paul Evans, stated that they were delighted to help Alexander raise funds for the Usyk Foundation via their latest NFT drop. The CEO adds that they are very confident that by bringing blockchain communities together, they can make a noteworthy contribution.

On its website, the Usyk Foundation clarifies that thousands of Ukrainians were left homeless and out of work, with many losing loved ones. Its objective is to cover the basic needs of the people affected by the war and every hryvnia, dollar, and euro will support those defending their land and their freedom on the front lines and in the rear. In fact, the presale for these NFT tokens began on July 30, with the promise that those who acquire the rarest NFTs from the mint will also acquire a number of exclusive physical items including gloves signed by Usyk himself, and autographed Dosbrak prints.

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