Ukraine War: Alexey Kondakov’s NFT Project is Helping People in Crisis

With the chaos transpiring on the ground in Ukraine, common citizens and the Ukrainian government correspondingly have been using NFT auctions to quickly raise considerable amounts of much-needed funds for the ongoing humanitarian effort.

Entering these noble ranks is Kyiv-based multimedia artist Alexey Kondakov. With the support of Bonhams, one of the world’s longest-running auctioneers, and crypto donation solution The Giving Block, he’s undertaken Reverberate Ukraine.

Reverberate Ukraine: From longing to relief

Reverberate Ukraine is an art collection that features five NFTs of artwork made by Kondakov. Each piece is made in Kondakov’s signature style. His style features characters lifted from different century-old fine art paintings juxtaposed on top of scenes from modern-day Kyiv. All these were taken with Kondakov’s mobile phone. Speaking about his collection in a press release, Kondakov said, “Reverberate Ukraine is him showing the world what it’s like living in a war. It’s the only thing he can do right now, living in Kyiv.”

Alexey Kondakov’s NFT Art

Even though the characters and scenes in Kondakov’s collection come from points in time hundreds of years apart, the actual message of each piece links everything together. The pain of longing for a better world is universal and unbound by place or time.

Kondakov wishes to help build that world through his charitable NFT launch. All profits from the auction will be contributed to World Central Kitchen. It is a non-profit organization that is supplying meals to people in Ukraine and those displaced in adjoining countries. Founded by renowned chef José Andrés following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the nonprofit has already put up eight kitchens and counting on the Ukraine-Poland borders.

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Long-Term Support

Reverberate Ukraine will continue supporting the World Central Kitchen long even after the auction’s conclusion. With the assistance of The Giving Block, they will be able to route portions of the revenue induced by secondary sales of the auction’s NFTs towards the non-profit.

The project will even feature the sale of 1,000 physical prints of Kondakov’s Peaceful evening in Kyiv piece, with an exclusive blue version of the work going on sale once the original print run vends out. Each piece will sell for £100, with all proceeds going instantly to World Central Kitchen’s Chefs for Ukraine initiative.

Kondakov thinks that this project should inspire anyone else with the means and connections to do something similar, he thinks humanity has the ability to end wars, by sharing love and support. This is the only path to peace. Love can cure. Care and support can melt the coldest of hearts.

With how available the NFT space is for new parties to join, in theory, anyone with a mobile phone and a good vision could similarly make a difference. Auctions for Reverberate Ukraine began on the 3rd of May and will run until May 12.

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