Ukraine: Meta History Museum Raises over $1,000,000

The META HISTORY project team formed Ukraine’s first NFT war museum one month after Russia’s full-scale attack. Since then they have managed to raise $1,290,398 which is roughly 803.28 ETH for the supporting Ukraine crypto fund. The fund is created by the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation together with the Ukrainian crypto platform KUNA and the blockchain company Everstake, and the Charity Foundation of Serhiy Prytula.

META HISTORY ambassador, founder of #OwnYourData, and blockchain activist Brittany Kaiser mentions that the idea of memorializing the history of events in works of art and offering them to those who want to support Ukraine proved achievable from day one. The drop in March brought in over $600,000 in 24 hours as 1,282 of 2,178 NFTs were sold. I think META HISTORY can make a substantial contribution to helping Ukraine by highlighting the truth through NFT art and selling it until the war is over.

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Ukraine’s Warline NFT Collection

Meta History NFT Museum NFT Collection: Warline

On July 21, META HISTORY unleashed its third NFT collection Warline which consists of artwork that narrates the course of the war. Each of its significant events is represented by one of the hundreds of artists working in different areas of visual art i.e. oil, 3D, motion, generative graphics, abstraction, and calligraphy. One of the displays is created by artificial intelligence.

Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine for IT Development Oleksandr Bornyakov says that Ukraine’s first NFT museum META HISTORY raised over $1,000,000 for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The project team sent all profits to Aid For Ukraine, a crypto-fund dedicated to the army. The NFT will not stop Russian missiles, but it presents a way for Ukraine to develop as an innovation-friendly country and revamp its economy.

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The team behind the project will communicate more about the third drop of the collection at the online event in the metaverse on July 28. Party Space, the project partner, will provide a virtual exhibition space where the visitors will glimpse 30 works from the new drop, and learn more about the process of creating them and the further plans from the art directors and artists entangled in the project.

The founder of the META HISTORY museum remarks that they saw great potential to raise funds for Ukraine via NFT art. They are now working to expand the capabilities by adding more options to allow more people to purchase artwork and along with the next drop, the founder hopes that free mint will be implemented. There will also be common metaverse events where people will learn more about the project and the behind-the-scenes.

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