Toya is teaming up with dove to reveal a game on Roblox

Toya is a female-led games studio devoted to growing girls’ self-esteem and body image. And today it is teaming up with Dove to launch a game reflecting its standards on Roblox.

The Tel Aviv, Israel-based company expressed that Super U Story is the first Roblox game to address idealistic beauty ideals, particularly on social media. It is now in beta and open to play for free with zero in-game acquisitions.

Super U Story

Developed for girls ages 9 to 16, this is Toya’s 31st game and Dove’s first incursion into gaming. Super U Story is a story-driven game that allows players experience the many versions of what today’s beauty can be. Characters within the game portray diverse bodies, skin tones, abilities and conditions and are revered for their originality and “gifts.”

Through gameplay and in-game messages, players are motivated to reflect on their own body confidence and inspired to reject unrealistic standards, particularly those memorialized in social media.

As per the new research from Dove, supported by Women in Games and the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR), 60% of female gamers still feel falsified and recognize a lack of variety as a key issue in video games, and 35% of young girls express their self-esteem is negatively affected after seeing a lack of variety in characters and avatars, which often persists into adulthood. Super U Story was conceived with support from the personal care brand Dove.

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Toya CEO Anat Shperling, in a statement mentions that with thousands of games made every year, it’s amazing that none of them address the enduring societal challenges and tensions that young girls face every day, particularly in regards to their bodies. The CEO adds that in reality, they all come in different shapes, sizes, colors, capabilities and should be reflected and honored in the digital content that is consumed every day. Since no one else was doing it, they decided that it was going to be them to create the experience and spark conversations that they hope helps the next generation avoid the traps and self-hatred that so many women struggle with today.

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