Top 10 Metaverse Coins and Tokens to Look Out For In 2022

In 2022, cryptocurrencies and NFTs have created a buzz among investors. Also, Metaverse has become one of the hot topics for discussion amongst brands, investors, and celebrities alike. With the rise in decentralized finance DeFi and the Metaverse, a bunch of metaverse coins and tokens have come under the limelight making significant year-to-date gains. Hence, 2022 is going to be brimming with possibilities for metaverse coins. So keep reading this article to see which metaverse crypto coins to buy for the best outcomes.

What are Metaverse Coins and Tokens?

In general, Metaverse is a Virtual World that is using emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), to blur the gap between the physical and digital worlds. In the metaverse, you can roam around as different avatars to attend meetings, go to concerts and events, meet and chat with friends, play games, and much more!

So basically metaverse coins and tokens are virtual currencies that people use in the metaverse. While shopping in the real world, you have to pay fiat currency to purchase clothes, watch a movie, or play games. Similarly in the metaverse, you need metaverse tokens for any type of transaction. In addition, the transactions are secure and happen almost instantly because the metaverse is based on blockchain technology.

The majority of virtual worlds have their own native tokens. These tokens are either in the form of cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Few of the tokens come with added utilities like governance rights. Further as an alternative, you can exchange these for fiat currencies. While some metaverse coins are available only on their corresponding virtual world, you can actually buy some from the popular exchange.

Why the sudden buzz in Metaverse Tokens and Coins?

While the Metaverse and its different tokens, and coins are not new, it was Facebook’s tactical rebranding to ‘Meta’ and the subsequent move into the metaverse this year that put Facebook under the spotlight. Further, this announcement triggered the values of metaverse coins overnight.

Since this announcement various metaverse items like virtual real estate have been selling like hotcakes. Recently, the Metaflower Super Mega Yacht was sold for approximately $650,000! 

Top Metaverse Coins and Tokens to look out for in 2022

When it comes down to metaverse tokens, there are so many options to choose from, and picking the best one is a challenging task. In short, the sky is the limit! So here we have gathered a list of top metaverse coins for making it easy.

1. Decentraland (MANA)

Source: Decentraland

Presently, Decentraland is one of the popular available Metaverse. It is a fully fletched decentralized 3D virtual world, where people can buy parcels of LAND in order to set up galleries, games, casinos, etc.

This metaverse is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is a favorite among many. Hence, it should not be a surprise that Decentraland’s Native token currently has the highest market capitalization of $4,359,349,425. In addition, there are 1.8 billion MANA tokens circulating in the market out of the total supply of 2,193,788,627. At the time of writing, Decentraland was trading $2.42.

MANA is also available for purchase on crypto exchange platforms such as Binance and Huboi Global. Further, it can also be stacked on decentralized exchanges (DEX) like Uniswap or Sushiswap. In Decentraland, you can utilize MANA to purchase LAND (NFT), accessories, collectibles, and other assets.

In addition, you can lock your MANA in a WMANA contract to create a ‘wrapped MANA’, or WNAMA, this cannot be traded. Each unit of WMANA provides you with one voting power in the Decentraland DAO.

2. Axie Infinity (AXS)

Source: Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Shards or AXS is the native governance token of Axie Infinity, the popular P2E game. The game is quite similar to Pokémon. Players can buy, sell, trade, and breed digital monsters known as Axies. Every Axie is a unique NFT that is useful for gamers in battling others to earn AXS as rewards. Axie Infinity became so popular that it had a massive collection of $2.08billion, in Q3 2021.

So the increasing popularity of the game led to AXS taking the crown as one of the largest gaming cryptocurrencies. At the time of Writing, AXS was trading at $46.79 with a market cap of $2,849,656,859. Being a governance token, AXS holders get to vote on different decisions in the game’s ecosystem. Lastly, you can also buy the token via exchanges like Binance, Upbit, and FTX.

3. The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is a highly valued metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. Its ERC-20 token, SAND is useful in all transactions within the Virtual world. Further, SAND has two other tokens- LAND and ASSETS.LAND: virtual real estate ASSETS: tokens made by the players

Presently, the SAND token is trading at a value of $2.83 with a 24-hr trading volume of $630,262,023.  

Here, in this 3D metaverse, one can trade LAND and enjoy ultimate gaming experiences such as challenges, games, and earn rewards. Additionally, a gamer can create ASSETS and 3D games using tools like VoxEdit and Game Maker. The Sandbox is known for hosting famous companies like PwC Hongkong, Adidas, and Celebrities like Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg. Someone even paid around $450,000 to be Snoop Dogg’s neighbor in the metaverse! Hence, after a successful Alpha season one, the virtual world is all set for its second ALPHA season.

4. Theta Network (THETA)

Theta Network is a decentralized video streaming network that is based on the Native Theta protocol. It permits users to watch videos and earn rewards. This reward is in the form of TFUEL tokens i.e. Theta Fuel for sharing the videos with others. Being an open-source platform, Theta Network also targets developers willing to launch DApps.

In addition, other video platforms can also use Theta to lower their video delivery cost and increase viewer engagement, advertising, and subscription revenues.

Theta Network consists of a stellar lineup of partners including Google, Binance, Blockchain ventures, Gumi, Sony Europe, and Samsung. The platform’s governance tokens i.e. Theta tokens allow holders to take a part in a variety of governance tasks in the Network. Holders can stake the token in order to earn TFUEL to use it in on-chain operations. At the time of writing, this metaverse coin was trading at $2.95.

5. Enjin Coin (ENJ)

ENJ is a metaverse token from Enjin. The main product of this blockchain-based gaming product is the Enjin network, which allows users to create and manage their own NFTs. ENJ is an Ethereum-based Cryptocurrency that is useful in backing the value of next-gen fungibles and NFTs.

Further, ENJ is also used to back the value of blockchain-based digital assets. Each asset minted on the Enjin platform is locked inside NFTs, and removed from circulation. This gives many benefits that instant liquidity, scarcity, utility, and more. Also, reasons, ENJ is an important metaverse coin to consider investing in 2022. Presently, a single ENJ costs $1.33.

You can buy ENJ using exchanges like, users can melt or destroy their assets at any point to get back ENJ. So, for these

Binance,, Voyager, Kriptomat, Swissborg, Bithumb, Gemini, etc.

6. Render Token (RNDR)

Metaverse platforms require a huge amount of GPU space because they process a huge number of transactions every second.  Render token is one such project which offers GPU space for Metaverse platforms.

The project provides a distributed GPU rendering network that is useful in different metaverse projects. The all-time high for Render token is known to be $8.76.

7. Efinity Token (EFI)

Enjin has also created EFinity, a cross-chain blockchain built on Polkadot for NFTs. The blockchain aims to solve problems with existing blockchains such as high gas fees and low scalability. Further, Efinity is environment-friendly, offers low transaction fees, fast transactions, and is cross-chain compatible.

The major benefit of the blockchain is that its rewards network users with Efinity Token (EFI). According to the company, EFI is designed to fuel a decentralized Metaverse.

At the time of writing, EFI has a total supply of 2 billion and a circulating 169,857,481.27 EFI and trading at a cost of $0.3508. While it may seem a small player in comparison to other metaverse tokens, its valuation is surely going to soar next year.

8. Verasity (VRA)

Verasity is a protocol and product layer platform for Esports and video entertainment. It offers a wide range of products for multiple industries, including the VRA rewards system incorporated into SDKs for giant video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Every product is built on its unique patented Proof-of-View system that uses blockchain-powered AI to detect an online ad fraud. Additionally, it provides VeraWallet, for VRA tokens. VRA is the main currency to be a part of Verasity’s online gaming and video economy. Here, users can stake tokens to earn 25.5% VRA rewards per year.

Further, users can earn VRA by simply watching rewarded content or by participating in different activities in the VRA network. At the time of writing this, VRA was trading at $0.02013. Hence, with the esports and video industry booming, VRA is likely to hit the $1 mark in near future.

9. Alien Worlds (TLM)

Metaverse coin list is incomplete without TLM i.e. Trillium. It is the in-game currency for Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds is a Defi metaverse on various blockchains such as Ethereum, WAX, and Binance Smart Chain, and is mainly based on exploration and mining. The gameplay is quite simple, players are explorers who visit different planets to mine TLM using their tools. Afterward, players can use the coin to buy the NFTs, exchange them for fiat, or stake it for voting power.

Source: Alien Worlds

In addition, the game provides NFTs such as land, tools, weapons, minions, and avatars. So, if you own land, you can receive a rental commission when someone mines your property. One can also participate in battles to win TLM tokens. The TLM Metaverse token costs $0.09836 while trading. You can purchase the token on Binance, PancakeSwap, and FTX.

10. EPIK Prime (EPIK)

EPIK prime is an NFT platform that works with AAA gaming companies, entertainment IP giants, and brands to develop digital assets and marketplaces. The company helps in bringing brands into video games by creating unique in-game items and NFTs. For this, you need to buy EPIK tokens. By staking the token, one can upgrade the membership and enjoy several benefits.

To buy EPIK tokens from PancakeSwap, Uniswap, and Huobi. At the time of writing the EPIK metaverse coin price was $0.06049.

Investing in Metaverse coins

When it comes to investing in top metaverse coins and tokens, early investors or traders are likely to extract maximum benefits. For instance, consider MANA. The $0.007 price about 4 years ago has jumped 46045.35%. That’s approximately 14002.76% ROI for those who made an early investment in this Metaverse coin.

But keep in mind that the Metaverse coins market is volatile because prices can fluctuate and result in huge losses. So, if you are planning to invest do thorough research and make sure to cover all the basis of information. The metaverse craze is far from over and it’s only going to get bigger and better in 2022. Metaverse is the future!

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