Tomorrowland’s NFT Drops Will Provide a Free Ticket in Addition to Other Cool Perks 

This year, Tomorrowland’s NFT collection was introduced, and the company has now published further details about it. The Belgian festival announced the debut of new collections and the surprises that ticket holders may anticipate, and it is certainly worth attending. 

Tomorrowland will launch the second of three NFT Collections this year on July 15 in pursuit of the Medallion of Memoria, a rare token that can be obtained by collecting one NFT from each of the three collections. The first launch occurred last March during Tomorrowland Winter. The second will take place at Tomorrowland Belgium and is titled “The Reflection of Love.” This new collection will include 6,500 Solana-minted collectibles. There will be a sale of 5000 of them on the website. During Tomorrowland Belgium, 1,500 will be given away. This NFT will be priced at 3 SOL. 

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What to anticipate if you have one or more NFTs 


So, what awaits those fortunate enough to own one NFT or the whole Medaillon? 

First, owners of The Reflection of Love will be invited to a variety of activities and prizes as members of the Tomorrowland community. Discover what Tomorrowland has made available to the community so far here

Those who have earned a full Medallion of Memoria before the end of the year will have the choice to either keep or destroy it. Those who want to retain it become members of the “most elite Tomorrowland membership club.” This comes with one of the most valuable perks: never having to wait in line for ticket sales again. In addition, they continue to participate in special events, raffles, and community-organized occasions. 

If they opt to burn their Medallion, they get a free Full Madness pass as compensation. In addition, there is the possibility to purchase Dreamville Upgrade + tickets for friends once only. 

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