Tokido Toys by Cool Cats Are Going on Sale Now!

Cool cats Company teams up with TOIKIDO to offer the marvels of Cooltopia to a shop near you 

Cool Cats

The kid-friendly Cool Cats NFT line is going to off-chain markets shortly. The Cool Cats management team stated in a press statement earlier this week that it has teamed with London-based entertainment business Toikido to manufacture and sell items. 

The partnership is planned to bring Cool Cats to the actual shop shelves in the form of toys featuring plushies and various other products. 

According to co-founder Evan Luza, “toys, plushies, and luxury products” have been at the top of Cool Cats holders’ wish lists for quite some time. The executive committee is stoked that it recognized the proper partner in Toikido to develop and market the products. 

According to the news release, the merch will be available for the 2022 NFT.NYC conference, which will occur between June 20th and 23rd. 

Darran Graham, CEO of Toikido, is a big fan of non-fungible tokens like the Cool Cats series and has been since its inception. In his stance, Toikido is the “right company” to capture the Blue Cat’sCat’s spirit and make things that “delight the community.” 

Graham also expressed that an objective of the retail line would be to increase awareness of the Cool Pets collection, which has failed to receive the same attention as the original Cool Cats NFTs. 

The contract was arranged by CAA, the agency representing Cool Cats. 

Excellent Cats Team Has Been Busy in 2022 

In the second half of 2021, the Cool Cats collection saw a surge in popularity thanks to a fan base that included Mike Tyson and influencer Farokh. It has subsequently cooled following setbacks, mainly involving communications, but that hasn’t prevented the team from expanding. So far in 2022, it has: 

Introduced the Cool Pets collection, which includes connections to a play-to-earn game. 

It was released and made gas-free for users of the previous play-to-earn game. 

They Established off-chain cooperation to create a product line, a rarity in the world of NFT. 

Although the floor price for the collection has lowered, the crew has been undoubtedly one of the busiest outsides of the Bored Ape Yacht Club’sClub’s Yuga Labs. A common saying is, “Bet on the jockey instead of the horse,” which refers to the fact that builders often do well when it comes to NFT. 

Time will tell whether this relationship with Toikido is enough to turn the ship around, but considering that it will establish a new money source for the Cool Cats team, which might flow back into the project, things could be looking good again. 

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