The University of Tokyo will provide courses in the Metaverse

Metaverse is transforming how people operate the internet. With the metaverse and other emerging technologies like Web 3.0, the internet has penetrated a completely new era. Companies are trying out new things in the digital world. Multibillion-dollar companies like Samsung, Meta, NVIDIA, and others have already displayed that they are committed to this new technology. Not only businesses, but also prominent people, athletes, and politicians seem to be obsessed with the metaverse.

The University of Tokyo to offer courses in Metaverse


According to a report, The Asahi Shimbun, the University of Tokyo will start offering different types of courses for a wide range of people, from junior high school students to people who are already working. The primary goal of the courses will be to teach people how to operate the metaverse. Rather than the university’s staff, the program will be headed by the Todai faculty of Engineering and engineering-related graduate schools.

Todai made the program to deal with the lack of qualified workers required to bear digital transformation and to keep employees up to date on the latest trending technology. The school states that these programs are for both male and female students.

An individual from the University quotes: “Thanks to the metaverse, there could be a way for anyone, no matter their age, gender, socioeconomic status, or where they live, to learn about engineering and information science.”

The Metaverse program will provide people more chances to learn new skills.

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According to reports, students from other colleges will also be able to utilize the Todai metaverse to research potential engineering careers. Junior and senior high school students, as well as their parents, will be able to take online and in-person programs to test out college engineering classes.

Through the association of businesses that do things like make products, the students will also be able to comprehend by doing. College students and people who are already working will be able to get new skills through this endeavor. There will be online classes on things like the next generation of communication technologies, how to be an entrepreneur and artificial intelligence. Certificates will be provided to students who finish the courses with good grades.

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