The Sandbox to build “TIME Square” 

TIME President Keith Grossman announced during NFT.NYC that the firm has teamed with The Sandbox to develop TIME Square. In the TIME storyline of The Sandbox metaverse, this digital replica of New York City’s most famous monument will be created


This is TIME’s first attempt to design a structure or experience in these shared, virtual worlds. Grossman said that the objective is to establish a “destination in the center of the metaverse.” It will serve as a venue for social gatherings, artistic expression, and commercial activity. 

TIME Square will be a junction of many TIME areas of interest, such as the TIMEPieces virtual community, the worldwide partnerships and coverage of TIME Magazine, and the intellectual property of TIME Studios. TIMEPieces NFT holders will lead the hunt for an architect. 

TIME introduced the TIMEPieces collection in 2021 and continues to expand upon it, providing NFT aficionados with chances to interact in TIME’s Web3 community. TIMEPieces NFT holders will also get a special benefit by building TIME Square in The Sandbox. There, TIME will facilitate talks, screenings of TIME Studios films, and educational opportunities. 

The COO of The Sandbox, Sebastian Borget, said that people frequently see the metaverse as a “virtual Manhattan” or a location where people can gather and meet new people, a culturally vibrant virtual destination. TIMEPieces will become the “beating heart and soul” of The Sandbox, a meeting place for artists and marketers. 

According to the TIMEPieces website, there is no fixed date for the architect search to begin. 

Partnerships Have Been Active in the Sandbox in 2022 

The Sandbox’s collaboration activity in 2022 may not come as a surprise, given that it is among the leading metaverses. Its voxel-style visual representations and builder-friendly modes make it appealing to NFT initiatives and mainstream companies, as seen by its 2022 collaborations. This year, the following three firms have joined The Sandbox bandwagon. 

The first is Lionsgate, a film studio. A few days ago, The Sandbox announced that the studio’s film “Hellboy” will be the first to debut in the “Action City” region of the metaverse. The agreement made Lionsgate the first film studio to cooperate with The Sandbox. 

The second candidate is Paris Hilton. This year at South by Southwest, the NFT collector stated that her firm, 11:11 Media, has teamed with Animoca Brands, the parent company of The Sandbox. She got virtual land parcels in the metaverse and an official The Sandbox avatar made in her image as part of the arrangement. Although it is unknown what she intends to do with the site, fashion displays and NFTs are a possibility. 

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