The Sandbox Explores New KYC Rules To Stop Cheating


After recent objections by speedrunners in the gaming community, The Sandbox (TSB) is eventually considering KYC rules to restrain cheaters. 

The cheating happened at one of the speedrun contests conducted by Metalympics, who is an official partner of TSB.

Metalympics mentions that TSB failed to peek into bug reports and proof of cheating submitted by the community. As a result, The Sandbox team ended up rewarding one of the fraudsters with 1000 $SAND ( which is about $1889) worth of prize money. Nonetheless, this may change soon as The Sandbox is looking into KYC to break down cheaters.

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Speedrunners’ Complaints

Speedrun is a playthrough of a video game. The goal is to finish it ASAP. In fact, speedrun is particularly common in The Sandbox games. Several external parties like Metalympics organize speedrun contests regularly for TSB participants. Having mentioned that, many of these contests offered massive prize money as well and sometimes even more than $15,000 worth of $SAND, to qualified winners.

But ultimately, there were no proper anti-bot efforts to spot cheaters in The Sandbox games. According to a Twitter user @Lugicc, one of the players who used Cheat Engine with 100% proof against him ended up winning 2nd place in the Metalympics Originals #3 contest. And if that’s not absurd enough, The Sandbox team rewarded the cheater with 1000 $SAND of prize money as well.

The Sandbox Is Exploring New KYC Rules to Stop Cheating

Given the number of dissatisfied voices in the community, The Sandbox co-founder, Sébastien, remarked that the team will come up with more extreme solutions pretty soon.

For instance, The Sandbox participants might need to submit KYC before receiving prizes in the future, dealing with cheaters along the way. But will this help resolve the issue? Most of the TSB fans believe it will.

Here is the tweet,

What about the winners of the past game?

The Metalympics incident has lifted lots of questions. If cheaters can easily win in the Metalympics isn’t there a chance where it was easy for them to win in other TSB games in the past? For example, winning multiple raffle spots in Alpha Season 1 & 2. With so many big brands joining The Sandbox recently, it’s time for the TSB team to make a level playing field for all of its players.

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