The inventions of Thomas Edison are now available as NFTs

An NFT collection by Chamsori Edison will showcase Thomas Edison, an American inventor, and businessman.

Thomas Edison NFT

Web3 companies Luckmon and Morrowbogi have teamed together with the Chamsori Gramophone Museum and the Edison Science Museum to make this feasible. Many of history’s most recognisable inventions will be available to see and purchase as part of the collection.

1,000 Thomas Edison inventions will be made accessible via NFT marketplaces like OpenSea as part of the Chamsori Edison NFT. The museum has a remarkable collection centred on the life of the American inventor and is thus vital to the NFT collection in question.

Mok is a lifelong fan of Thomas Edison’s work. He has tirelessly travelled to 60 countries over the last 65 years to attend auctions and direct sales to support this cause. He is said to be the world’s most ardent collector of Thomas Editions. Included in this total were 150,000 music records and 5,000 Edison innovations, including gramophones.

The National History Museum’s collection of Thomas Edison artefacts includes the first light bulb, a phonograph, and a stock certificate from Edison Corporation. In addition, the voice of Edison will be recreated via the use of AI technology in order to describe each item.

The inventions that Thomas Edison made in the past have had a significant impact on many aspects of our life now. Because of this, the collection now has a deeper and more profound importance than it had before. He was responsible for the invention of a large variety of different devices, the most well-known of which being the light bulb. The generation of electric power, the dissemination of information, the recording of sound, and the creation of moving pictures are only a few examples.

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