The DeLorean Motor Company Will Launch NFTs 


The DeLorean Motor Company plans to manufacture metaverse NFTs for its cars, according to recent patent filings. DeLorean has filed trademark requests for NFT versions of its automobiles, which may be utilised in “virtual worlds,” on May 30th. 

Fans of DeLorean Motor Company’s classic DMC-12 model believe the company will introduce the vehicle to virtual gaming. The winged-door DMC-12 is one of the most iconic automotive designs of the 1980s, well recognised for its appearance in Back to the Future. 

However, DMC CEO Joost de Vries said in a recent interview with Fox News that his company’s NFTs would be compatible with the Alpha5 electric car. Once every five years, DeLorean will release NFTs that guarantee possession of one of the Alpha5’s limited-edition automobiles. 

According to Joost de Vries, each of the future Alpha5 NFTs will be assigned a random vehicle identification number (VIN). The VIN may be traded on the secondary NFT market if someone doesn’t want it on their NFT post-mint. 

Besides being linked to IRL Alpha5 automobiles, these NFTs are also linked to metaverse virtual cars. According to Joost de Vries, the DeLorean NFTs will be “gameable” and compatible with a variety of metaverse platforms when they are completed. 

It’s also possible that DeLorean is working on an NFT market where users may purchase and sell their virtual automobiles. Virtual worlds are often mentioned by DMC as a potential application for their automobile NFTs. Retail store services and leisure services were also referenced by the corporation in the metaverse. 

The Alpha5 is expected to be on sale in the summer of 2024, according to DMC. Additionally, the Texas-based auto business has suggested that it is working on a high-end SUV. 

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The Metaverse is “Electrified” by EVs 

However, although the DeLorean Motor Company is the first to market electric vehicles with NFTs, the metaverse has been used by other automakers as well. In fact, offering buyers a “sneak look” at impending EVs in virtual showrooms is becoming more common in the automotive industry. 

A Nissan metaverse experience on VRChat, for example, allowed in-game avatars to “drive” the company’s electric Sakura car. Along with the physical showroom in Ginza, Nissan produced a virtual version of the same space to promote its ARIYA SUV. 

With an NFT drop on Kakao’s Klip Drops, Hyundai’s Kia Motors promoted its new electric vehicles. To show their devotion to the environment and sustainability, the six art NFTs in Kia’s current collection included six pieces. 

The ZEPETO metaverse is also home to a slew of Hyundai models. An EV charging station and an oil bank were found a few months ago in this realistic online game. Hyundai recently showcased its IONIQ EV at its ZEPETO store with the aid of BTS. 

It’s only logical to merge Web3 with EVs, two of the most forward-thinking sectors. 

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