Testing of Otherside Metaverse will begin this week

With Otherside’s “First Trip” set to launch on the 16th of July , the BAYC metaverse will officially begin testing this week. Otherside, as we know, is BAYC’s much-anticipated metaverse game, which it is building in cooperation with the British metaverse technology company, Improbable. This week, Otherside will have two First Trip tech demos. 

Otherside Metaverse BAYC

Everything to know about “First Trip”  

Yuga Labs’ Otherside Meta, on June 28, announced the launch date of “First Trip” to the Otherside. Slated to release on July 16, only Otherdeed holders are qualified to participate in the game demo. 

Otherside Meta tweet, 

In addition, Otherside added that the survey will be live for only 48 hours on its authorized Discord server. On Discord, the project mentions, that If you don’t have an Otherdeed you will not be able to partake in the survey nor on the First Trip on July 16th as it is for holders only.

Here’s all you require to know about the Otherside metaverse testing:

Otherside metaverse testing

The Otherside metaverse on Monday, July 4, informed that it will operate two load tests before the upcoming First Trip tech demo. While the first test will occur on July 6 tomorrow, the second will take place 9th of July. The project has also summoned on Otherdeed holders to join the Otherside metaverse testing to assist steer the Otherside platform in the proper direction.

Such load tests are critical to ensure a smooth launch of the Otherside metaverse. As the team justified in a Tweet that the purpose of these load tests is to test the Otherside platform to its limits with the Improbable team. This will help disclose exactly where the breaking points might be before the First Trip on July 16, in order to create the best experience imaginable for the tech demo.

Unnecessary to say, both load tests are token-gated. In simple words, only those who hold at least one Otherdeed NFT will be permitted to take part in the Otherside metaverse testing. 

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Where will the Otherside metaverse testing happen?

Both the Otherside metaverse testing and the First Trip will take happen exclusively on desktop and laptop devices. Otherside will tweet the site link where tomorrow’s load test is happening momentarily before the event. The tests will take place at about 12 pm ET.

Likewise, the load tests and First Trip are playable just in North America and Europe. However, the team will host a private Livestream to guarantee that all “Voyagers” even those in non-supported areas can experience the First Trip. To be sure, the Livestream attendees will also be qualified for any benefits linked to the First Trip.

In addition, Otherside has explained that there is no cap on the number of people that can partake in the metaverse testing. The load test will begin at 3,000 players and increase in 1,000 player increments every 2-3 minutes,and anyone who doesn’t get in because capacity has been achieved for that 2-3 minute block will be able to retry in the next block. 

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