Breaking Rambo Joins the Metaverse! Sylvester Stallone AKA Rocky Drops SLYGuys NFTs For Fans

Big-time screenwriter, blockbuster movie star, and now, NFT enthusiast Sylvester Stallone, enters into the metaverse with his own non-fungible token (NFT) project, called PlanetSLY.

Stallone is one of the few Hollywood stars entering the currently trending digital space of NFTs. The famous “Rocky” and “Rambo” actor is one of the few Hollywood stars who made a breakthrough into the Web3 with PlanetSLY shows his life, and career. through NFTs.

Stallone’s PlanetSLY creates a new trend and brings in excitement for his fans and the ones who aren’t convinced about Investment in NFTs.

Sylvester Stallone’s PlanetSLY

Punching the Ethereum Blockchain in the Face

Created and curated by Stallone himself, PlanetSLY™ is an NFT community that will provide events, benefits, and opportunities in relation to NFTs.

SLYGUYS-Which one are you?

SLYGuys: PlanetSLY

SLYGuys is a limited-edition series of 9,997 NFTs celebrating Sylvester Stallone’s career and life journey.

Sylvester Stallone himself is adding his own creative touch to this project in collaboration with world-renowned artist Clark Mitchell of Marvel, Hasbro, and Star Wars fame. SLYGuys™ NFTs have over 200 unique features.

SLYGuys Roadmap

There are 10 Rounds in the SLYGuys Competition out of which 7 Rounds are accessible and the other 3 will unlock soon.


Your NFT is like a membership card to exclusive events and experiences in PlanetSLY. Events like The Ultimate Sylvester Stallone Experience, which includes a Gala dinner hosted by Sylvester Stallone himself! You will be in the Film & Cocktails Club-a live movie night and watch a party with Sly! and, so much more.

Gold Signatures

Stallone is individually autographing and numbering 25 of his NFTs. These 1/1 Golden Signature SLYGuy possess exclusive utilities and will be auctioned with their official secondary market partneri.e. OpenSea!

The SLY-List

Others call it the Allowlist (Waitlist) they call it the SLY-List!

Here you can, engage with PlanetSLY™ on Discord & Twitter. The more you participate, the
better chance you have to get on the SLY-List.

This initiative looks good and coming from the Rambo himself, makes it enjoyable. Thus, more mainstream influencers and institutions connect to the digital world of the metaverse, the more reliable and valuable NFTs will become.

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