Wow! Star Trek NFT Collection Sold Out in Minutes, Captian Kirk not Surprised

At the price of $250, the premiere NFT collection of Star Trek only took five minutes to get sold out after its release.

The Star Trek NFT collection Sold out

Although the fanbase of the Star Trek Franchise shared mixed opinions regarding the Star Trek NFT collection, William Shatner aka Capt. James T. Kirk, who upholds those first official franchise NFTs from RECUR & Paramount in the form of algorithmically generative 1:1 starships NFTs on the Star Trek Continuum hub, wasn’t surprised at all.

The 5,000 starships in the Admiral Pack sold within a few minutes. 3381 Starships from the Captain Pack were also sold. The NFT collections were $250 apiece and were available till 11 a.m ET. Have a look at the tweet from Recur,

Further, William Shatner made clear on social media that he is fascinated by NFTs — and the unique digital items owned by a single person and also the metaverse.

However, Shatner also mentions that the NFT space is complicated and needs to be

approached with caution.

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What’s Next for Star Trek Fans?

Season Roadmap

Season 0 of the Star Trek collection is part of the wider ‘Star Trek Continuum’.

Here, Starships allow you to explore the strange new worlds of Star Trekâ„¢ Continuum. Each ship belongs to one of six classes that give you advantages in different missions. Also, you will require a ship to go on missions in future seasons.

 All Starship owners will be rewarded with 1 Crew Member, so get your Starship, buckle up, and prepare to beam up your first teammate for your next adventure. 

Season 1

Collect characters from the franchise universe i.e. collect new planets, new species, new characters, discover new frontiers of fandom, and assemble a crew for your voyages. Build your fleet and dare to explore the final frontier

Season 2 

Complete missions and earn Super Rare NFTs.

Season 3

In season 3 users can collect new planets, characters, species, and much more.

In short, in collaboration with RECUR, the first NFTs of Paramount Global proved highly successful.

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