Star Trek NFT Collection Drops Out Today

Thanks to Paramount Global and RECUR, the official Star Trek NFT collection is almost here. A few hours from now, fans of this iconic franchise will have the chance to collect a unique piece of digital history. As of today, you can literally ‘live long and prosper’ on the blockchain forever for $250.

9th April, 2022StarTrek NFT COllection Countdown Clock
Launch at: 8:30 PM GMT+5:30

However, this is a time-sensitive event and will only last for 24 hours, so you need to be quick. Registration is now open for those willing to take part. In total, there are 20,000 Star Trek digital collectibles available with an additional 2,000 in reserve. For Recur pass collectors or holders there is a benefit of different packs.

Recur Pass  Holders Packs

Admiral Pack

RECUR Pass holders are guaranteed a Constitution-class starship. Each algorithmically generative starship is a 1:1 NFT and will allow owners to go on voyages in Star Trek™ Continuum.

However,  these designs will not be minted again. Admiral pack contains 1 of the following starships: 50% chance of Constitution and 50% chance of Constitution Refit.

Captian Pack 

This pack contains 1 of the following starships: 22.23% chance of Soyuz, 22.23% chance of Class III Carrier, 22.22% chance of Miranda, 22.22% chance of Oberth, 5.55% chance of Constitution, and 5.55% chance of Constitution Refit.

The Star Trek NFT collection: A part of a wider Ecosystem

This collection is the first of many from this partnership between RECUR and Paramount. In fact, there are already many projects in the pipeline. These projects feature some of the most popular characters, brands, and franchises of Paramount Global.

Pam Kaufman, President, Consumer Products and Experiences of Paramount, says,

“Fans should be able to engage with our content wherever they are, including the metaverse”. “ will offer one seamless digital collectible experience for fans across our key franchises, starting with Star Trek™, an iconic franchise that is forward-thinking, innovative, and multi-generational. We are thrilled to have a space that is accessible to everyone and allows another expression of fandom.”

Moreover, The Star Trek collectibles will be housed in “Star Trek Continuum,” an experiential hub that will be the space for the first and future seasons of Star Trek™ NFTs. Here, fans will have the opportunity to own a piece of their favorite franchise while embarking on an entirely new journey.

Season Roadmap

Season 0 of the Star Trek collection is part of the wider ‘Star Trek Continuum’.

Here, Starships allow you to explore the strange new worlds of Star Trek™ Continuum. Each ship belongs to one of six classes that give you advantages in different missions. Also, you will require a ship to go on missions in future seasons.

Season 1

Collect characters from the Star Trek™ universe and assemble a crew for your voyages.

Season 2 

Complete missions and earn Super Rare NFTs

Season 3

In season 3 users can collect new planets, characters, species, and more from Star Trek™. 

This experimental hub will play a massive role in the NFT series, and all future Star Treks NFTs will basically reside here. 

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