Sony to launch PlayStation Stars Loyalty program featuring Digital Collectibles

Later this year, Sony is set to launch a new PlayStation Stars loyalty program. This program will include “digital collectibles” rewards. PlayStation Stars will be a free service that authorizes PlayStation players to attain loyalty points and rewards by finishing activities. Points can be redeemed for benefits, including a PSN wallet fund to put toward a game asset.

Sony’s vice president of PlayStation network advertising, loyalty, and licensed merchandise Grace Chen mentions that Points can be redeemed in a catalog that may retain PSN wallet funds and select PlayStation Store products, and also explains that as an additional benefit, PlayStation Plus members registered in PlayStation Stars will automatically earn points for purchases on PlayStation Store.

Digital Collectibles of Sony’s new PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program will not be NFTs


Sony is bundling “digital collectibles” as part of PlayStation Stars. That might instantly seem like NFTs, but it is not. The company doesn’t articulate the blockchain or NFTs in its blog post, but, makes it clear that it is not leveraging any type of blockchain technologies and certainly no NFTs.

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Rather, these digital collectibles will be digital illustrations of figurines and iconic characters from PlayStation games and possibly even some digital versions of historic Sony devices.

There will be new collectibles to acquire on regular basis. This will include “ultra rare” ones. Sony depicts these collectibles as rewards, so it doesn’t sound like they will be available for acquisition directly. PlayStation players will be able to earn major loyalty points through challenges, like a monthly one that demands players to play any game to get a reward. There are no specifics as to how the company will distribute the rewards.

The PlayStation Stars loyalty points system looks similar to Microsoft’s own rewards program for Xbox players or Nintendo’s Gold Points. Microsoft Rewards contains quests, activities, and monthly surveys that award points. Reward points are also open for using Bing and Microsoft’s Edge browser. Nintendo’s Gold Points can be achieved when players purchase a new game and use it for digital purchases on the Nintendo Switch.

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