Solana NFT Marketplace Magic Eden Integrates Aurory and DeGods Tokens

Magic Eden, a leading Solana-based NFT marketplace, unites top NFT projects by integrating their tokens. The platform will begin integration with Aurory’s native token AURY and DeGods’ token DUST. 

Magic Eden allows its users to buy NFTs using Aurory’s AURY and DeGods’ token DUST.

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Buy NFTs using Aurory and Degods
Credit: Magic Eden

Buy NFTs on Solana NFT Marketplace Magic Eden Using Aurory and DeGods Tokens

According to Tiffany Huang, head of content and marketing at Magic Eden, you can utilize the tokens just like Solana on the marketplace. This means collectors can use both AURY and DUST to buy NFTs from any collection on the platform.

“We wanted to get those projects really excited that they could use those tokens on our site. We didn’t see any other marketplace doing this, so we thought it was a huge opportunity,” said Huang.

Additionally, Huang added that Magic Eden is talking with Solana “blue chip” NFT creators to integrate their tokens as well. However, as of writing, only DUST and AURY are the only ones confirmed and the integrations will probably launch within the next few weeks.

Two weeks ago, NFT marketplace Opensea announced it will begin integrating Solana NFTs on its platform this month. When Decrypt inquired Huang about the possible impact of OpenSea entering the market, she just said, “We’re excited they’re here. It creates enormous visibility for all Solana-based NFTs.”

Opensea’s Solana integration would probably affect Magic Eden. But, the platform could still keep its unique impression by keeping its focus on the ecosystem. Most importantly, by supporting the platform’s projects beyond the NFTs themselves.

Huang said “We know our communities, we know what makes them excited, and we can ship really quickly. The fact that we’re Solana-native and community-oriented is always going to be our advantage.”

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