Smart-Contract Error Freezes $34 Million ETH For NFT 

An attack and a smart contract problem have disrupted the auction for a highly anticipated NFT project, AkuDreams. leaving the team with $33 million that cannot be used. 

The Frozen ETH


While the hacker didn’t make a dime through AkuDreams, he did lock up $34 million in the project’s smart contract due to a griefing attack in the project’s redeemable Dutch auction, which took place Friday. 

In his code, Foobar, a crypto programmer, revealed that “The AkuDreams contract includes a one-time payment of $34 million (11.539 ETH). Individual users and the development team are unable to access it.” 

When alerted to the vulnerability, AkuDreams’ Twitter account, @Aku::Akutars, stated: “We are tied down and talking with some of the finest on next measures.”. We will begin minting your NFTs and releasing them to you as soon as we can. Passholders who bid to obtain a price will also be compensated. I’m just down by 5 ETH. 

Ex-pro-baseballer Micah Johnson apologized to the community on the same day, adding that he would work diligently to prevent any future troubles, stressing that he had let the community down. 

Aside from airdropping the NFT to winning bidders, the team also announced that it will reimburse pass holders 0.5 ETH. 

Minting will begin on Monday, the team said in an update on Sunday. Several developers were consulted in the rewriting of the contract. 

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