Sixix9ine Gine NFT comes months after Trollz’s NFT scam 

Daniel ‘6ix9ine’ Hernandez, the famed New York rapper, has launched a new NFT collection named Giné, which also serves as the title of his current song, a few months after being accused of “scamming” fans with a previous Trollz NFT collection. 

In October 2021, 6969 profile picture-style photos inspired by 6ix9ine were released for circulation on the Solana blockchain. 

After making and buying over 82 Trollz, one fan concluded that the promised incentives for holders would never happen. 

Following the Trollz disaster, 6ix9ine is releasing a new collection and explaining why he will not let it happen again. 

Gine NFT Collection

6ix9ine has developed the Giné NFT collection, 3D art that appears to be influenced by his image, in conjunction with his most recent song, Giné NFT. 

‘To all of my fans, I’ve just introduced my Giné NFT brand, and I’m incredibly excited since there are many more things on the way,’ he said on Instagram. “Join Discord to receive the NFT!” Please!” 

6ix9ine’s Response to Trollz Scam


6ix9ine’s response to Trollz’s claims that the NFT is a “scam.” In a separate video advertising the Giné brand, the rapper also spoke out about what happened with Trollz, explaining why this time would be different. 

He apologized profusely. “I joined the NFT community in my inexperience, not knowing what an NFT was… “I’m extremely sorry,” he said, he had no idea what was going on. I accepted a promotional partnership that was offered to me. But this is not a partnership since it is not rewarded. In other words, it’s just me, and I’m backed up by a solid staff.” 

6ix9ine is certainly one of the most talked-about rappers right now, and he and his followers will be hoping that his fame will spread to the NFT. It’s fair to believe that, like Trollz, this project will not be canceled, but only time will tell. 

Gine NFT Events

VIP events are hosted only for GIN NFT holders! In Miami, @6ix9ine will meet several of the Holders! One fortunate Gin Holder will be able to travel around Miami in @6ix9ine’s LAMBO! 

There are no extra fees for air travel, hotel accommodations, or ground transportation. Six GIN holders will be invited to a VIP Yacht Party hosted by @6ix9ine. All rewards will be distributed using extra NFT. 

Having this EXTRA NFT will provide you with motivation. A VIP Luxury Experience is just as excellent as whatever @6ix9ine or his belongings have to offer. OpenSea’s NFT Marketplace enables you to collect and enjoy your gift or sell it right away. 

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