Samsung x Theta Labs An Amazing NFT Partnership

Samsung’s Latest Gadgets Hit the Market

Lately, Samsung held an event to introduce its two new flagship products. The event, hosted by CEO, Shinwoo Lee, saw the unraveling of two smartphones, i.e. Samsung S22 and Tab S8.

NFT Partnership

The launch of Samsung’s flagship device has always been outstanding and often expected. Although, this time the company has raised the bar by partnering with Theta Labs to drop NFTs. After receiving the gadgets customers can report the NFTs as well. During the event, the CEO informed his plans to explore NFTs more intensely, stating that it makes a lot of sense for NFTs to talk to possible customers.

Theta Labs had formerly announced this planned partnership with Samsung Electronics in February itself. The company enjoys energizing NFT digital collectibles for the company and its consumers.

This is not the first time Samsung and Theta have operated together. But, this new collaboration confirms the company’s curiosity about NFT ecosystems.

This partnership will have many advantages for the supporters who purchase the new product. Those who have enlisted for the Samsung S22 and Tab S8 in the pre-order period will be eligible for free NFTs after acquiring the gadgets. Buyers who sign up for ThetaDrop are also qualified to declare NFTs from their new gadgets.

What is Theta?

Theta blockchain is a decentralized video streaming service that provides end-to-end streaming between developers and viewers. The objective of this service is to increase the quality of video playback by eradicating third-party interference. Further, it aims to provide direct communication between viewers and creators.

Theta Blockchain even offers technical and economical alternatives for its customers. For example, it helps friends from completely different parts of the world to join their community.

Theta Labs function ThetaDrop, the NFT marketplace is where Samsung plans to drop the collectibles containing their new gadgets.

ThetaLabs established their ThetaDrop NFT market based on the Theta Protocol. A blockchain ecosystem specifically designed for the media and leisure trade. The platform uses the proof-of-stake mechanism to lower the cost of gasoline on minting.

While the platform may be somewhat ambiguous for a very long time, its present partnership with Samsung is anticipated to increase the global acceptance of theta NFTs.

The Method in Which Customers Can Declare the Theta NFTs

Not many customers can promote the NFTs offered with the Samsung flagship product. The few eligible people complete the three steps summarized in Samsung’s marketing campaign for the gadgets, and the initial criteria for eligibility is participation in the pre-order event.

Customers who pre-order this product will obtain a code via their Samsung members app on their new gadget. After that, they have to confirm the code to get an unopened NFT field that they can open at the end of the pre-order interval.

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