Samsung reveals Virtual Playground in Roblox

Samsung Electronics today revealed the launch of Samsung Space Tycoon (“Space Tycoon”), a virtual playground made inside the global metaverse platform Roblox. Space Tycoon is a virtual space where users can build and play games and also share experiences using Samsung Electronics’ products concurrently with alien characters in space, taking design and functionality cues from the business simulation ‘tycoon’ genre.

The company has created this service targeting Gen Z consumers to provide them with an integrated, metaverse experience where they can create and enjoy their very own Samsung products. The ultimate aim is to enable Gen Z customers to experience the brand and interact with one another.

Jinsoo Kim, Executive Vice President at Corporate Design Center in the company mentions that Space Tycoon is designed to be a playground where many customers can experience endless possibilities of virtual spaces, he also said that they wanted to offer their Gen Z customers a prospect to experience company’s products in a way they have never done before and will continue to showcase content that can deliver more meaningful and entertaining digital experiences for both their current and future customers.

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Samsungs Space Tycoons


Established in the Samsung Space Station as well as the research laboratory where alien characters conduct research on Samsung’s newest products, Space Tycoon consists of three distinctive play areas: the Mining Zone for resource procurement, the Shop for the game item purchase, and the Lab for product manufacturing.

In Space Tycoon, using the mined resources, users can design different Samsung products from Galaxy smartphones to different TVs and home appliances, and also purchase or upgrade game items. Users can get innovative by starting with real-life products and giving them a makeover to change in-game gadgets. For example, the foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip can turn into a bag or a scooter, just as users will be more creative with the Jet Bot vacuum cleaner turning into a hoverboard or The Sero lifestyle TV into a one-person helicopter.

Currently, over 20 Samsung products are obtainable in the Shop where the colors of the items bought can change randomly relying on the levels achieved and new series of products will be frequently updated.

Space Tycoon will simultaneously launch in 14 languages, including Korean, Chinese, English, and Spanish. In addition, extra features will be added in the future where users can interact with one another, share their creations or attend exclusive virtual parties. The company will also hold dedicated online events through its website under the #YouMake campaign that is focused on coloring and gathering Samsung products.

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