Samsung reveals it will use blockchain for updating its security

Tech giant Samsung announced it will use blockchain technology to upgrade security protocols for each of its smart devices.


Knox Matrix is its latest blockchain-based security solution for “cross-device experiences.” This signifies the security layer protects all Samsung devices, from smartphones to home appliances, within the network.

The company told that the Knox Matrix will work as an individual’s own private blockchain system, with all of one’s interconnected devices provided with the blockchain multilayered monitoring. This incorporates electronics such as smartphones but also smart TVs and air conditioners.

The new security upgrade is planned to safeguard users from exploits of their credentials, while also making logins simple.

According to the information, all devices will utilize Knox Matrix and obtain a unified SDK, whether they are established on Android, Tizen, or another OS.

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This update comes alongside the company’s report of its new collaboration with Google to enhance multi-smart device experiences in the home. The electronic giant has been active in extending its footprint in the Web3 space.

As per the information disclosed the company has been the most active investor in blockchain-related happenings since September 2021. Samsung partook in 13 funding rounds within the industry after a 9-month period.

It lately backed a forthcoming Web3 gaming studio, along with Samsung’s Asset Management division founding a blockchain exchange-traded fund in Hong Kong. 

The managing director of Samsung Next also talked about the importance of building and investing in the Web3 space at this moment. 

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