Samsung is All Set To Create its Own Metaverse

Samsung’s Metaverse Initiative


Samsung Electronics, the world’s biggest memory chip and phone manufacturer, is creating a metaverse. The news arrives from Han Jong-hee, the Samsung Vice Chairman himself.

Jong-hee consulted the topic of the metaverse with a number of employees and reaffirmed to them that the company plans to rumble out Samsung’s version of the metaverse.

Jong-hee told that the company will create the Samsung version of the metaverse. And that the employees should come up with numerous ideas to help mold this metaverse.

This meeting with employees was not the first time Jong-hee expressed the metaverse ambitions. At March’s annual Samsung shareholders meeting, Jong-hee picked metaverse and robotics as the next Samsung development areas. He spoke at that meeting emphasizing that Samsung would launch metaverse products and solutions. These products and solutions would allow customers experience the metaverse wherever they live.

Following the meeting, the company has reportedly set up a task force to study metaverse topics. The task force reports directly to Jong-hee. The latest reports are that Samsung is building a virtual reality headset under the Galaxy brand name.

If the reports are true, it might contest with the Meta 2 Headset, which is the most recognizable VR set on the market. This Meta brand comes from the company that has made the most major splash in the metaverse space i.e. Meta, previously known as Facebook.

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Big Tech Companies Investing in the Metaverse

A moment since Mark Zuckerberg changed Facebook’s name to Meta, the race for metaverse dominance has been on. Leading the path perhaps is that same company. Since its name shift, Meta has sworn to introduce non-fungible tokens to its apps, opened a physical metaverse hardware store, and also hit a significant milestone in Horizon Worlds.

But other companies have not been far from competition either.

Microsoft made headlines in the Metaverse domain when it bought Activision Blizzard for a whopping $70 billion.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has expressed that the company sees a lot of potential in the metaverse, and it is investing in the Metaverse technology.

In addition, gaming studios, small and large, are betting big on Web3 technologies, including Fortnite creator Epic Games.

Samsung’s move does not appear to be uncommon or unexpected, perhaps the creation of a metaverse is. Only time will divulge how the company’s actions pan out and if its customer base takes interest in its metaverse products. For now, it’s another positive sign toward the development of the metaverse.

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