Salesforce Join the Web3 Platform with the launch of NFT Cloud 

Salesforce, a leader in cloud-based business performance software for customer interaction, has announced the introduction of its NFT Cloud, marking the company’s debut into the Web3 ecosystem.  


A trial of the new platform was released last week, giving Salesforce customers the ability to mint, manage, and trade NFTs in the virtual world. 

According to the platform’s official website, the NFT Cloud will improve consumer experiences in three ways: linking physical and digital experiences to engage communities in Web2-unavailable ways. This will include IRL events of the NFT-gated sort, a notion rapidly gaining traction in the industry. 

Customers will be able to mint brand-specific NFTs on the platform, which they can subsequently retain or sell. The second objective is to increase client loyalty via digital assets. The third and last route for enhancing the customer experience is the NFT Cloud’s capacity to develop and maintain trust since audits and data collection can be handled securely using smart contract technology. 

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Although the platform’s complete release date has not been announced, a spokeswoman for the business said that the pilot release of Salesforce NFT Cloud would begin in June 2022. The objective is for consumers to generate a whole new breed of communities, a transition from being a client to an audience, and now a genuine community owing to ownership. Salesforce has thoroughly considered this. By design, NFT Cloud will launch with trust and longevity, two of Salesforce’s fundamental pillars. 

The NFT Cloud pilot will calculate the carbon emissions each user creates while using the platform, which they will then be able to offset with respectable, high-quality carbon credits, based on the company’s commitment to net-zero emissions and economic sustainability. It will also collaborate with organizations such as the “Crypto Climate Accord” to enhance Web3 efficiency. 

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