RTFKT & Nike Acquire the Domain Name “Dotswoosh.eth”

Nike and RTFKT buy dootswoosh.eth

As the number of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) NFTs grows, Nike-owned RTFKT Studios has added a new “.eth” domain name to its stable of ENS NFTs. Data from OpenSea reveals that on May 27th, RTFKT paid 19.72 ETH to buy the domain name “dotswoosh.eth”. RTFKT paid roughly $35,000 for its most recent ENS NFT at the time of sale.

The asking price of “19.72 ETH” is a nod to Nike’s “swoosh” logo’s storied past. It wasn’t until 1972 that the Nike emblem appeared on its sporting items for the first time. As of today, the “dotswoosh.eth” NFT in RTFKT’s OpenSea account may be seen to have the “swoosh” logo of Nike.

One more ENS address has been added to RTFKT’s list of ten. Nearly every one of these NFTs can be traced back to a project run by Nike or RTFKT. For example, “skinvial.eth” is a term for the “vial NFTs” used to modify the look of Nike’s CryptoKicks NFT footwear.

RTFKT’s remaining eight ENS domain names include:

  • Artifacts.eth
  • RTFKT.eth
  • Drmos.eth
  • MintVial.eth
  • Dreamos.eth
  • SpaceDrip.eth
  • DripCoin.eth
  • M2tekno.eth

These domain names have sparked a lot of conjecture about Nike and RTFKT’s Web3 strategy. Although many reporters assume they would utilize these addresses to make more cash by selling ENS subdomains, this is not the case.

On Web3 platforms, Nike has been very protective of its brand identification, and it currently has several patents linked to the metaverse. The slogan “Just Do It” and the word “Nikeland” are two examples of NFT trademarks RTFKT and Nike have successfully registered.

Continued Success for Clone X and Nike

Since Nike purchased RTFKT Studios in 2021, the two corporations have dominated the NFT market. Even in 2022, Nike’s CryptoKicks footwear NFTs still remains one of the most talked-about NFT disclosures.

According to a few reports, those who had an MNLTH vault NFT in April might have redeemed “CryptoKicks” NFTs and an EVO X Skin Vial. To emulate RTFKT’s Clone X NFTs, this skin vial NFT allows users to customize the features of their CryptoKicks.

RTFKT’s 20K PFP NFT collection is currently recognized by some of the world’s most prestigious art galleries. Indeed, an AR experience using Clone X NFTs is presently on display at the Gagosian Gallery. One of Harvey Nichols few high-end NFT stores carries Clone X from the fashion house.

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