RTFKT Debuts Metaverse-Compatible Nike Dunks NFTs 

New Sneakers designed in Partnership With RTFKT Were Unveiled This Week by Nike

RTFKT Studios unveiled the new Nike Dunk Genesis NFTs on April 22nd. In 2021, Nike purchased RTFKT, a wearable tech company, and has been developing “CryptoKicks,” the first Nike NFT wearables. 


Skin Vials will be compatible with the Nike Dunk NFTs, according to RTFKT’s marketing. The RTFKT team’s virtual Dunks will take on a new look once Skin Vials are inserted into Nike Dunk NFTs. It is possible to load thousands of Skin Vials into any Nike NFTs compatible with RTFKT. 

RTFKT debuted its “EVO X” Skin Vials as the collection’s first item. “EVO X” vials based on 20K avatars from RTFKT’s legendary CloneX series are now available. 

RTFKT skins will, however, change over time. RTFKT coined the name “EVO” to emphasize the Skin Vials’ “evolutionary” character. The RTFKT ecosystem will allow NFT collectors to “breed” and “improve” their skin vials to get access to rare sneaker styles and “powers.”. 

RTFKT NFT holders were supposed to get MNLTH to vault NFTs in February. Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks and an EVO X Skin Vial are now available to MNLTH vault holders. RTFKT also granted NFT holders another MNLTH NFT, which is interesting. 

After RTFKT’s statement, the floor price of several of its NFTs on OpenSea surged. The current floor price of MNLTH NFTs is 11 ETH or about $33,000 per unit. It currently costs roughly $55,000 to buy a “cheap” CloneX NFT. 

Competitive battles between the shoewear giants for NFT supremacy 

With Nike being one of the most popular sports shoe companies globally, it’s no wonder that its first NFT wearables have been a huge hit. However, this does not imply that Nike is the only participant in the NFT shoe market. Adidas, a German sportswear company, has taken a more aggressive approach to NFT. 

Adidas signed an agreement with the Bored Ape Yacht Club, money, and PIXEL Comic in 2021 to create the Adidas Originals NFT line. The value of these NFTs has risen steadily since their introduction. OpenSea currently has a baseline price of just under 2 ETH (about $6,000) for an Adidas Originals bundle. 

According to reports, Adidas has teamed up with Ready Player Me, a site that focuses on the creation of virtual characters. Playable characters may be created on this site that can interact with other metaverse games. Adidas’ connection with Ready Player Me isn’t all that unexpected, given that the company owns a significant portion of land in The Sandbox. 

Puma is a contender in the NFT market, even though Adidas and Nike are the primary sports brands on Web3. As some Twitter followers may have observed, Puma’s Twitter profile photo has been changed to Cool Cat #32. Puma also bought the ENS domain name “puma. eth” and other NFTs from collections like Lazy Lions. 

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