Revise gets $3.5M in initial funding from AlphaWave Global, 8i, and others

Revise lets developers turn their static NFTs into interactive ones that can be used in applications and real-world events. It was started by Anil Dukkipatty and Raunaq Vaisoha.


To provide a platform for developers to design and incorporate functionality into their NFTs so that they may link with applications and data, NFT startup Revise said on Friday that it has secured a seed round of $3.5 million sponsored by AlphaWave Global and 8i.

Defi Pulse founder Scott Lewis, angel investor Utsav Somani, and Treebo co-founder Rahul Chaudhary also participated in the seed round, as did Bharat Founders Fund and Sandeep Nailwal (co-founder of Polygon).

Revise Co-Founder and CEO Raunaq Vaisoha put it: “Revise intends to reduce the barrier to developing NFTs as they go from culture to utility. By incorporating Revise into their toolkit, developers may provide their NFT community with innovative and powerful tools while maintaining strict control over the project.”

A private beta version of the Revise SDK is now available and may be used by developers. Several users, such as Ludo Labs, use the site to hold NFT-related prizes, such as football tickets.

Co-founder of Polygon Sandeep Nailwal remarked, “I’m glad to provide my support to Raunaq and Anil’s NFT idea. Programming NFTs enables artists and developers alike to unleash powerful new methods of expressing themselves and bringing people closer to Web3 natives. So happy to be a part of it all.”

“What the team at Revise is doing may become the essential layer for NFT attribution and programming, which is similar to what Chainlink did for Defi,” Tushar Behl, a member of Alpha Wave Global’s investment team, said.

Before starting the company, Anil Dukkipatty and Raunaq Vaisoha co-founded Elemential Labs, a blockchain firm. Revise will enable developers to turn their static NFTs into interactive NFTs that can be used in applications and real-world events.

With Revise, developers can pick between Web3 layers like IPFS and Web2 levels like Amazon S3, giving them complete control over their storage needs.

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