Residents in Shanghai Are Using NFTs To Get Beyond The City’s Strict lockdown Restrictions 

There were 786 devices linked to the video on OpenSea as of Monday, along with several other NFTs related to the shutdown in Shanghai. 

Shanghai China

It was widely reported on April 23rd that an imFong-affiliated Chinese Twitter user had stated: “I’ve turned Voice of April into an NFT and locked its information. The IPFS, or interplanetary file system, is a form of distributed community where this film will go on indefinitely. 

Even though Twitter is restricted in China, it may be accessed using a virtual private network (VPN). 

A Shanghai-based programmer said he was one of several who saw their efforts to keep the video alive as part of a “people’s rising” in the city. To show how much of Shanghai has been cut off from the outside world since the start of the COVID-19 shutdown, he’s created an NFT of his own. 

On the condition of anonymity, he spoke, “Being trapped at home due to the epidemic gives me quite a lot of time.” 

Weibo postings expressing dissatisfaction with the limits, photos taken inside quarantine centres, and creative work inspired by life under Shanghai’s lockdown are available on OpenSea as NFTs for sale. 

During his nine years in Shanghai, Simon Fong, a 49-year-old Malaysian freelance designer, began drawing funny pictures of life under lockdown in the style of Maoist propaganda posters. 

Having played in the market since late last year, he started minting them into NFTs and has already sold 9 of his works for a median price of 0.1 ether ($408). 

Additionally, his work includes scenes depicting PCR testing and citizens’ demands for government handouts. 

As a consequence of some people arguing that the lockdown situation is bringing Shanghai backward, I chose to use the Mao-era propaganda-style for these goods,” Mr. Fong said. 

NFTs, which have been used by state media merchants like Ant Group and Tencent Holdings and internet businesses like them, have gained popularity in China despite the country’s prohibition on cryptocurrency trading. 

Shanghai, China’s financial centre, has been under a long-term lockout due to Beijing’s disputed zero-COVID policy, which poses increasing risks to the Chinese economy. 

This year’s COVID-19 pandemic has been China’s deadliest since the early months of the pandemic in 2020 when the disease first appeared in Shanghai in March. Hundreds of thousands of people have been infected throughout the city. 

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