Reno reveals Biggest little Blockchain: A Web3 Storage Platform

The Biggest Little Blockchain, a Web3 data storage platform, was recently announced by Reno, Nevada, officials. The first time a US city has built a public blockchain network, claiming Reno’s authorities.


In the next months, Reno will concentrate on adding crucial papers from its historic register. The first blockchain trial will be monitored by the local government for a few months before it makes a final decision on adding more functionality.

BlockApps’ STRATO platform was chosen to test Reno’s “Biggest Little Blockchain” on. This new blockchain initiative will have no negative impact on the environment, according to the city.

The “Biggest Little Blockchain” was discussed by Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve at the recent US Conference of Mayors. Web3 technologies like blockchain, crypto, and NFTs should be analyzed by tens of thousands of participants, according to Schieve.

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Art NFTs might “open certain sensations” for Mayor Schieve when she talked about NFTs. Another goal of hers is using NFTs to provide visitors with new and interesting methods of seeing Reno’s many attractions.

Even if the latest drive to embrace blockchain technology in Reno is surprising, locals may not be. On social media, Mayor Hillary Schieve has been rather open about her interest in the crypto sector. It’s true that Schieve is a well-known cryptocurrency investor and advocate, particularly of Chainlink.

Outside of the Reno City Hall, Mayor Schieve pursued to construct an NFT counterpart of “The Space Whale,” a monument he had commissioned as a personal investment in cryptocurrency. Tezos’ “Reno DAO,” which she helped organize, was also made possible because of her efforts.

Many American communities, such as those in Reno, have exhibited a readiness to experiment with blockchain technology. Miami, in particular, has appeared in the last few years as a key center for the cryptocurrency industry. Mayor Francis Suarez now acquires his salary in Bitcoin after Miami pitched its own cryptocurrency, dubbed MiamiCoin.

Cool Valley, Missouri’s officials recently airdropped $1,000 worth of Bitcoin to its inhabitants, which is impressive. The goal of this program was to educate the local population about cryptocurrency wallets and to persuade them to hang on to their Bitcoin investments for the long run.

The view of converting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into legal cash has been hovered by lawmakers in places like California and Arizona. Blockchain and Bitcoin mining businesses have found shelter in Texas.

For the first time in the United States, Fort Worth, Texas, will host a Bitcoin mining operation. Fort Worth’s City Hall is now home to several Bitcoin mining machines.

More US towns are anticipated to spend extensively on Web3-related initiatives as blockchain becomes more widespread.

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