RECUR, Paramount, and Steve Aoki to Bring Nicklodeons Iconic Characters to Web3

RECUR, the exclusive platform for creating innovative, multi-chain NFT experiences, is bringing some of Nickelodeon’s most iconic ‘90s characters into the Web3 domain in a completely new way with the support of Grammy-nominated DJ and producer, Steve Aoki.

NFT Drop Details

RECUR’s Nickelodeon NFT drop through, beginning July 18th for whitelisted users and July 19th for the public will feature 12 original characters from Rugrats and Hey Arnold! On the 26th of July, fans will have the capacity to trade in their original NFTs to collect Slime which will lead to the chance to get Mashup characters starting July 29th.

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RECUR x Paramount x Steve Aoki

RECUR and Paramount Consumer Products have teamed up with avid NFT collector and Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Steve Aoki to present this new set of Mashup characters. In the spirit of mashups, Aoki made a new remix that combines original theme songs from Rugrats and Hey Arnold! into a new track to display Nickelodeon NFT character Mashups through a music video. The neon, technicolor music video offers fans a first glimpse at the character Mashups while resurrecting the spirit of the ’90s. Mashups are brand new characters that blend traits and names from the collection’s original characters. A Mashup that features Tommy Pickles and part Helga Patacki equals Tolga.

The video by DJ Steve Aoki was released and you can watch it here.

As an NFT collector and creator, Aoki understands the power of NFTs to build and contend vibrant communities. He mentioned that he is really grateful to be teaming up with RECUR and Paramount to bring these shows to life in the NFT world. He also adds that he cannot wait to see the roadmap come to life.

RECUR’s Co-Founder and CEO, Zach Bruch, states, that character mashups are going to bring together characters from two iconic Nickelodeon shows in a way we might have never seen before. And it’s all powered by the RECUR platform – conceived and delivered with such an incredible partnership with Team Nickelodeon and Steve Aoki.

Nickelodeon Upcoming NFT Drop

This exciting NFT drop featuring Rugrats and Hey Arnold! characters will extend to the public on July 19th at 2pm ET. There will be 10,000 Nickelodeon NFT packs open for $50 each through the website that is part of the Paramount-branded NFT marketplace supported by RECUR.

Each pack contains a distinctive 1/1 PFP featuring a distinctive take on one of twelve characters from Rugrats and Hey Arnold!. Characters from Rugrats include Tommy Pickles, Angelica Pickles, Phil Deville, Lil Deville, Chuckie Finster, and Susie Carmichael. Characters from Hey Arnold! include Arnold Shortman, Helga G. Pataki, Gerald Johanssen, Harold Berman, Phoebe Heyerdahl, and Rhonda Wellington Loyd.

The Mashup experience will permit fans to trade in their original Rugrats and Hey Arnold! PFPs for Slime, and then collect and deal in enough Slime to acquire one of 500 rare Mashups. Fans will be able to overpower their original PFPs for Slime on July 26. After collecting a sum of ten Slime NFTs, fans can trade in their Slime for a brand-new character Mashup commencing on July 29th.

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